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The Obama Fight Club Pounds BP: “Skinny guys fight ’til they’re burger”

Posted on June 11 2010 5:00 pm
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It’s understandable that the disaster in the Gulf would temporarily confound the best of Presidents. However, after  a day or so most  would pull themselves together, convene the best and the brightest to offer their expertise in a  careful analysis of the facts and get to work to solve the immediate catastrophe.  Not so with the ass-kicker–in-chief at the White House.

The person in the Oval Office seems all ticked off right now and not a tad bit insecure. As a result of this ‘crisis of masculinity’ that seems to follow him around like Pigpen’s dust President Obama has channeled his inner Tyler Durden  In a desperate attempt to appear manly he’s sent out his legal eagle Eric Holder from the DOJ as a show of force against the bad guys – BP. But Holder’s out of his element  with the big boys. He’s more comfortable defending nightstick wielding Black Panthers keeping little old ladies from voting. In addition, Obama issued  some “get in their face’ demands to the oil corporation to stop them from “nickel and diming” business owners in the Gulf who are taking the real hits.

The problem in Obama’s approach is that the oil keeps gushing and all the tough talk in the universe won’t “plug the damn hole.” Nor will it make him a real man.  A real man doesn’t act like a posturing adolescent trying to impress the grownups. He thinks, believes and acts as a leader and as an instrument of a higher power. If he doesn’t and if by fluke he happens to be President of the United States then things fall apart. In a brilliant review of the movie ‘Fight Club’ in a Nov 12 1999 issue of the  Guardian, Peter Bradshaw offers a startling ideological parallel between the disappointing  final half of the movie and the present administration:

By the end, it has unraveled catastrophically into a strident, shallow, pretentious bore with a “twist’ ending that doesn’t work. And it is a film(substitute administration )that smugly flirts oh-so-very-controversially, with some of the intellectual and cultural paraphernalia of fascism, but it does not have anything like the nerve, still less the cerebral equipment, to back this pose up.

In reviewing a popular cult film Mr Bradsaw has inadvertently described the current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We can only hope that the “twist” at the end of this debacle fizzles and a real leader  emerges in 2012.

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