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T-Paw’s Gotta Do Better Than This

Posted on June 11 2010 7:00 pm
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So, 2012 presidential candidate Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (dude, why are you even trying to pretend that you haven’t decided to run?) was on The Daily Show last night. If you watch the whole extended interview, you’ll see that he understands why he won’t get the nomination: “I don’t have a big shtick”—which sounded more like he was denigrating his performance in bed.

But, moving past the funny way that statement sounded, he’s right. He doesn’t have a niche. He doesn’t “own” a certain piece of the pie. To break out, you need to really define yourself and own a quality or issue. Newt Gingrich is the brain and ideas guy, Mitt Romney is the economics dude, Mike Huckabee is the religious conservative and Flat Tax advocate, Gary Johnson is next cycle’s Ron Paul who wants to legalize pot, and Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. I used to say Romney was the guy that owned the health care issue, but that went up in smoke with ObamaCare, which is so similar to his plan, so that may be Pawlenty’s opening.

Pawlenty comes off as a nice guy, but that won’t go far once the race really begins. Ask McCain. Once you’re the GOP guy, it doesn’t matter how nice you were in the past. Watch Pawlenty’s extended interview with Jon Stewart below and ask what the compelling reason is to join his campaign:

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Republicans going on The Daily Show need to act meekly, but he just didn’t come off inspiring. Sort of like the nice guy that girls will date but then they put him in the inescapable “friend hole” who they use for advice to get better guys (trust me, I’m practically paying property taxes on that hole). Sorry T-Paw, if you want to catch fire, you need to set a match. And so far, the matches are still behind the convenience store counter.

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