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Feminist Films Fight in Australia: Stoning of Soraya M Vs Sex in the City 2

Posted on June 11 2010 1:00 pm
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In an interesting turn of events, two completely different films have opened simultaneously in Australia, Sex and the City 2 as well as The Stoning of Soraya M. Here we have two films that champion women in different ways. One celebrating sexual liberation while the other seeks to defend oppressed women in a deadly misogynistic culture.

Janet Albrechtsen from “The Australian” wrote an excellent review called “A Tale of Two Standards” in which she compares the two films. She usefully accuses Western feminists of playing games while Islamic feminists are fighting for their life. This kind of awareness shows why we must not overlook a film like Soraya.

Albrechtsen questions the motivations of other critics by saying:

Left-liberal critics have derided The Stoning of Soraya M as a message movie.

Some have referred to it as “torture porn,” therefore exposing their agenda with lazy criticism. What is wrong with a message film when it exposes the truth that was documented by an unbiased journalist who unexpectedly stumbled across a horrifying story? There should be no application of Left and Right when viewing this film, only right and wrong.

Albrechsten continues:

This is the ugly result when political correctness and cultural relativism meet movie critic. Their Goldilocks critique goes something like this: if you’re Al Gore talking about climate change or Michael Moore dumping on capitalism, then your message is just right. But a movie with a message about Islam being co-opted by men to denigrate, violate and kill women is, yawn, just too much message.

This mindset has become a debilitating standard for the collective room temperature IQ of many critics today. When it is not convenient or trendy to get behind a project, weak critics cry “too much message.” Doing so is nothing more than intellectual and moral dishonesty that is in need of exposing.

Living in a free society, we have the ability to choose to see an eye opening film like Soraya or an easily forgettable film like Sex and the City 2. In, say, Iran there is no such choice as Soraya has been banned to audiences there (although bootlegs are a hot product in the region).

Of course, ultimately the decision is up to the viewer. But before you go, think about if it is more important to see a film you won’t remember a week later or a film that will most likely stay with you forever. While Sex and the City may provide cheap laughs, taking the time to see Soraya will evoke emotions you never knew were even there.

Check out “Soraya” director Cyrus Nowrasteh dominating a critical Iranian journalist in an interview:

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