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Breaking: Jews Have Humor, Drives Hard-Left Bonkers (Updated)

Posted on June 11 2010 9:00 am
Mike Lumish is a teacher, a recent PhD in American History, a resident of San Francisco, a liberal, and until recently a Democrat, who is thoroughly disgusted with the anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred promoted by the Left... He also tends to smoke too much.
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Youtube pulled the original of this video. This version has subtitles en Español. I can live with it.

There’s a tendency on the Left to fling around charges of racism like they’re confetti. This is rather odd because while accusations of racism drop from the leftist sky like rain, charges of anti-Semitism are usually met with contempt, as we’ve seen with the recent Helen Thomas nonsense. In other words, on the Left, or, at least, the Hard-Left, it is perfectly fine to fling around charges of racism in all directions, but if you point out the obvious, that Helen Thomas’s comment was anti-Semitic, this makes you an enemy of all things Good, True, and Right. It’s one of the anti-Israel / anti-Jewish double standards that much of the Left operates within.

I posted “We Con the World” on my own blog because I found it, as Richard Landes says, “a bitter-sweet piece of right-on.”  It’s bitter because it parodies something very sad and troublesome, the Left-Jihadi Confluence, the very thing that inclined me to start posting on the NewsRealBlog to begin with.  It’s sweet precisely because it does parody that sick alliance, an alliance that would see the Jewish state demeaned, dehumanized, undermined, and eventually dissolved.

And, excuse me if I am wrong, but I suspect the Left-Jihadi Confluence is probably not so good for the United States, either.

Anyway, is the video racist?  Daily Kos and the Huffington Post certainly think so.  On the HuffPost, journalist Eileen Read claims the video is “blatantly racist,” yet nowhere in her post does she tell us why, exactly. It’s apparently so obvious that one need not even make the argument.  Meanwhile at the Great Orange Satan (GOS), someone calling himself “orthogonal” claims that the video represents a form of racist “blackface” that mocks “bloodthirsty knive-waving Arabs and activists.”

Jeez, we can’t have any of that, now can we? The song is not “racist” against either Arabs… nor even activists… just the ones bloodthirstily waving knives around before they attack the IDF, apparently, according to “orthogonal.”

The message being spread on both Daily Kos and the HuffPost is not only that the Jewish state has no rights to self-defense, and therefore those Israeli soldiers aboard the Mavi Marmara had a moral obligation to allow themselves to be bludgeoned and knifed to death by Jihadis and their allies, but if Israelis even dare to mock those who seek their demise they are engaging in “racism.”

Just how one can mock Jihadis without, y’know, portraying them as Jihadis remains a mystery.

Thus, according to large segments of the western liberal-left, Israel gets no credit whatsoever for pulling out of Gaza, is condemned for blockading Gaza when Hamas started shooting rockets into S’derot and Ashkelon, and is even further condemned for stopping and boarding a Turkish vessel filled with Jihadis seeking martyrdom as they attempt to break that blockade and murder those soldiers. (Jeez, don’t even mention Cast Lead.)

And what’s worse is that these uppity Jews even have the temerity to mock those who seek to kill them.

Many thanks to Caroline Glick and friends for “We Con the World.”

If the Jews ever lose their sense of humor then we’re really in trouble.

So. Everybody! Let’s all sing along!  {Yes.  Non-Jews, too.  Don’t be shy.}  All together!

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Theresa

We are peaceful travelers
We’re waving our own knives
The truth will never find its way
To your TV

Catchy, huh?

By the way, I particularly like this guy:

He sounds like Dylan and looks like Qaddaffi Duck.

{Cross-Posted at Lord of the Karmafishes.}

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