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Beck comes to Harlem — and Zaitchik keeps Lying

Posted on June 11 2010 3:00 pm
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You may recall our revelation that Alexander Zaitchik’s anti-Glenn Beck book, Common Nonsense, shamelessly misrepresents Beck’s views about the Tuskegee Experiment, painting Beck as an ignorant racist.

Zaitchik is still at it. Here’s his latest bit at the New York Observer:

In the four years since he moved to the area, there are two known instances of Mr. Beck venturing outside of midtown Manhattan. The first involved a brief excursion to Harlem, where Mr. Beck did some taping for a possible television special, Glenn Beck Goes to Harlem. For reasons unknown, it never aired.

Naturally, Salon’s “War Room” has jumped on this tidbit:

Glenn Beck filmed a special called “Glenn Beck Goes to Harlem.” It never aired. We need to change that.

Well, Zaitchik, in the pedantic manner of all progressives, is technically correct. A “television special” entitled “Glenn Beck Goes to Harlem” “never aired”.

And yeah, I know (and so does Zaitchik): Beck and other talk show hosts have a bad habit of describing all their programs as “specials.” It bugs me. Let’s move on.

The New York Observer/Salon brain trust apparently can’t figure out how to use Google. And you don’t need me to tell you that nobody at either media outlet actually watches Beck’s show. I do.

So I knew I’d heard Beck talk about filming part of a program in Harlem. It made for memorable radio.

And sure enough, “special” or not, the “taping” Zaitchik refers to was broadcast on Beck’s regular 5PM program on Fox, in an episode called “Time To Be Heard.”

Here’s part of Mediaite’s review of the episode, along with video of Beck and Payne strolling through the old neighborhood. Mediate entitled their review, amazingly enough, “Glenn Beck in Harlem”:

Last night, Glenn Beck hosted a special entitled “Time To Be Heard,” highlighting the struggles of black conservatives in America. Inspired by a former guest, Charles Payne, who grew up in the Harlem section of New York City, Beck’s five-part Friday show was devoted to detailing the political views of those not willing to give President Obama a “free pass” within the black community.

But, of course, Beck is speaking to a larger issue — one he puts on hold until after his pilgrimage, with Payne, to Harlem. In the first clip, Payne speaks about being beaten up for “talking white” and wanting a briefcase and calculator for Christmas, only to have his things destroyed.

That episode aired November 13, 2009. I found it by googling Zaitchik’s own sarcastic words, “Glenn Beck goes to Harlem.” It took me five seconds.

Anyhow: if Beck rarely ventures around New York, it may have something to do with experiences like this one. Just sayin’.

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