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Will the Church Worship Christ or Marx?

Posted on June 10 2010 3:00 pm
A concerned American citizen who found her voice before the 2008 election when she undertook the task of debating with progressives about the impending doom of an Obama presidency. Ann has a Masters in Religious Education, and uses blogging as a way to uncover the lies of the Left.
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Marxists have used the Catholic Church as a tool for ushering in their social revolution. The Church has always maintained, we are our brother’s keepers–Isn’t this the line the Left uses to send religious people on a guilt trip? While the Left has pulled the Church close to its bosom, they have at the same time slapped the Church in the face with policies of deconstruction of the family, advocacy for abortion and euthanasia, and support for gay marriage.

In addition, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) have joined the Left in opposing enforcement of laws regarding illegal aliens, and requesting major immigration reform to include amnesty. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), one of the main advocacy arms of Mexican immigrants, legal or not, desires amnesty as an antidote to deportation of millions of undocumented people already living in the U.S.

On June 4, MALDEF, the ACLU, and several other leftist civil rights organizations filed a law suit against SB1070 that “seeks to halt implementation of the law while the case is litigated.” The Arizona law SB 1070 slated to go into effect on July 29 simply enforces the existing federal law on illegal aliens.

SEIU launched its own attack in a boycott campaign called “It Stops in Arizona.”

Arizona has polarized our nation and given license to a racist, anti-immigrant underbelly that has no place in this country and this law must stop in Arizona.

Now that we’ve made a public stand to protest this unjust law, we ask that you make a personal pledge to boycott intolerance with us by joining us. [snip]

…these actions may adversely affect some Arizonans who opposed the bill and others who are likely to be its principal targets. However, any short-term adverse impacts on these communities that result from this campaign are far outweighed by the need to combat the systemic profiling and discrimination that will occur as a result of this unjust law.

Talk about unjust laws. Is the federal law unjust? I’m sure legalized citizens who came from other countries and waited years to become one of us would have a hard time accepting that in one fell swoop, millions upon millions of illegal aliens will become full fledged citizens with barely a hiccup of punishment. Trying to help illegal aliens gain citizenship should only be done through proper legal channels, not through out and out flouting of the laws–does the USCCB stand with the rule of law or SEIU? 

The Catholic Church can’t have it both ways. Who are they going to worship, Christ or Marx? The Church has traditionally sided with the poor and oppressed when using parishioners’ money to finance its social justice programs, but it has coalesced with so many Marxist/leftist organizations over the past hundred years that now there is no way to tell the disparate systems apart.

By opposing SB 1070, the bishops have taken an irreversible stance in supposedly fighting for justice.  They have aligned themselves and their flock with scofflaws.

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