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Obama: Angry Black Man?

Posted on June 10 2010 8:00 pm
A life-long conservative Reagan Girl and conservative feminist, Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT. Lisa is a staunch, unapologetic, Christian supporter and defender of Israel, who considers herself a spiritual Jew. Lisa resides in CT with her family and assortment of rescued pets.
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Apparently the only men who swear are black men.  White men never use foul language; it’s a racial thing, a sign that all black men are “angry.”  This pathetic reasoning is the Left’s latest attempt to smooth over Obama’s Presidential incompetency: because he used profanity in a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer, whites will believe Obama’s “an angry back man.”

If white people never swear, what was Dick Cheney’s excuse for telling Patrick Lehey to go “F” himself?  Cheney’s Obama’s cousin.  It looks like the family tree is cussing color blind.

George W. Bush was caught saying “s–t” and Joe Biden dropped the “F” bomb on live TV.  Americans do not assume, or believe, foul language is solely a black phenomenon.

Still, the left insists Obama saying he needs to “know whose ass to kick” for the BP oil spill is racial.  Fox News’s Juan Williams fears “No Drama Obama’s” swearing will make Americans “depict [Obama’s cussing] as black rage:”

“He’s [Obama] got to manage himself in such a way as to convey passion and concern and empathy, but he’s got to not do things in such a way as to not play into any kind of racial stereo-typing: black men especially are hypersexual, hyper violent, quick to anger…lazy, slothful, all the negatives that attach to being black men.”

As opposed to hypersexual, lazy, fowl-mouthed white frat boys.

NewsReal Blog columnist Deneen Borelli told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly Obama’s swearing does not concern Americans; his lack of leadership is what worries many Americans:

“This has absolutely nothing to do with race.  This has to do with the fact Obama is incapable of handling a crisis plain and simple.”

Juan Williams continued pushing racial lines during the interview, insisting

swearing is considered “black rage” and “won’t a help” President Obama [whose] natural posture…is Mr. Kool…and more analytical.”

The Left is making Obama’s swearing a racial issue — to distract from the incompetence of his administration. But the reality is Americans don’t care about the rhetorical faux pas.

Borelli accurately stated American’s concern:

“The America people want to see an effective leader.  They [Americans] don’t want to see him [Obama] going on vacation with the biggest disaster in America history.  The fact of the matter is he needs to be more aware of the fact that he should direct more leadership.  People want to see him be more responsive; people want to see actions…”

Again Williams pushed the race card, bringing up Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates and Obama’s reaction: white cops arrested the angry Gates because of race (despite one cop was black and another Hispanic), insisting black men displaying anger are viewed as enraged.

This is another leftist excuse for blacks to play “woe is me” and Borelli refused to play “Politics of Race,” noting

“it’s [the cussing] another way to play the race card.”

The Left can continue focusing on Obama’s swearing, turning it into an amazing racial wonder no white man has ever experienced, but Obama cussing is not seen as racial, nor do Americans consider him an “angry black man.”  The race card excuse won’t smooth over Obama’s incompetency.  The real problem is what Deneen Borelli said: “Americans want leadership.”

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