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Fascist Feminism Strikes Again

Posted on June 10 2010 8:41 pm
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by Cassy Fiano

One would think that feminists would rejoice to see women victorious in political elections. But today’s feminism is not after equality; the movement has been hijacked by rabid fascist feminists. These new feminists require that, in order to be a “real” feminist, you have to walk in lock step with them, toe the fascist feminist line, and never disagree with them on a single issue. And their stance on every issue is always, of course, liberal. They want unlimited taxpayer-funded abortions available right up until the moment of birth, universal health care, universal day care, open borders, a weaker military, massive welfare systems, the government taking the place of fathers in families — basically anything you can think of to destroy western civilization.

So it isn’t altogether surprising that these fascist feminists would show such vitriol towards conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. They denounce them for their conservative views, while saying that no one can make a litmus test for true feminists. They say that they champion strong, empowered women, yet they consistently try to instill a victim mentality in women, telling them that the patriarchy is always keeping them down and that everything women have accomplished is thanks to feminism. (Apparently, for these fascist feminists, women aren’t strong enough to accomplish anything based on their own merits.)

Given all of this, Tina Brown’s reaction to four wins by conservative women over male opponents on Tuesday is unsurprising. Because these women are conservative, successful, victorious women are considered “a blow to feminism”.

Read the rest at Cassy Fiano’s blog.

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