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Horowitz Vs Marshall: Why is the “Center-Left” AWOL in the War with Islamofascism? Page 2

Posted on June 9 2010 6:45 am
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Israel brought this on itself. Forget that the blockade was a perfectly legal response to 7,000 unprovoked rocket attacks on Israeli towns and schoolyards. Forget that the blockade inflicted no punishment illegal or otherwise on the people of Gaza since all foods and medicines are granted passage – it’s just weapons that are targeted by the blockade. Israel is by definition the culprit.

Marshall himself on June 3:

This is why, to me, the precise circumstances of the raid on this flotilla aren’t really the issue. It seems to me murkier than a lot of the accounts suggest. But again, that’s not the point. The whole policy that it is a part of is simply flawed and deeply damaging to Israel’s security, just as the continuation of the occupation itself is the biggest threat to Israel’s security, bigger even than an Iranian bomb, I would say.

This is the strategic decision that Livni’s Kadima party has made — that Israel’s security is threatened fundamentally by the occupation and the mounting international isolation that it brings in its wake. (It’s in some ways also the decision Labor has made, though they’ve perhaps unmade it contingently to be part of Netanyahu’s coalition.) Getting caught up on the details of this raid misses the point. It’s simply part of this larger story. Netanyahu’s policies are on their way to creating the world he imagines to be living in. It’s very sad for all involved.

What occupation is Marshall talking about? Israel withdrew from Gaza and its unilateral act of peace was greeted by thousands of rocket attacks on civilian targets and preparations for a much larger war. What kind of approach can one take with people dedicated to killing you (which Hamas openly proclaims) as the only “solution” to its imagined grievances. But then by definition Israel brought this on itself and will bring even worse if it continues to defend itself from Islamofascism. The primary source of global unrest is not a cult of Islamists who want to kill Jews and impose Shariah law on the entire planet. It’s the Israelis and Americans who dare to resist them.

This would seem to confirm Horowitz’s characterization of Marshall and the Center-left as somewhat less than focused on the Islamic jihad against free societies. Here is the exchange between them:

May 15, 2010 at 1:26 PM, David Horowitz  wrote:

I’m looking forward to your next video making fun of the concerns many of us have about the Islamo-fascist threat, while lending aid, comfort and camouflage to the efforts of the Muslim fanatics in our midst. Here’s some raw material, if you haven’t already seen it. (Forgive me for being struck by how universally people who call themselves liberal have ignored this illuminating incident.)

From: Josh Marshall
Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2010 5:44 PM
To: David Horowitz
Subject: Re: your next video

David — When your assistant asked for my email, I was intrigued.  It did not occur to me that you’d send an email that was the equivalent of a comment thread flame. As for the next video, I’m not sure which other video you’re referring to since we haven’t made any original videos in a long time.  I assume you’re talking about the one we did a couple years ago about your appearance at Columbia.  David, there’s big difference between making fun of you and making fun of Islamic terrorism.  And I’m sorry you can’t grasp that distinction.

Here’s the deal, David.  I live about 20 blocks from the Time Sqaure incident — with my wife and two kids.  My wife was right outside the trade center complex on 9/11.  So to say that I don’t take Islamic terrorism seriously isn’t only offensive, it’s belied by really everything I’ve ever written on the subject.  To say I’m giving aid and comfort is obscene.  Particularly rich for someone sitting in Los Angeles.

This video is pretty horrifying, if not that surprising.  And it is illuminating about some of what’s going on in the UC school system.  As for why I’ve ‘ignored’ it, I haven’t seen it before, David.

I know you see and pride yourself as being part of a controversialist tradition, whether on the left or the right.  That’s not really my thing.  If there’s something I’ve written you’d like to take issue with I’d be happy to discuss it with you.  And if there’s information you’d like to show that might lead us to some common ground on one of these issues, I’d welcome that even more.  But I’m really not interested in trading insults with you.


From: David Horowitz

Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2010 7:21 PM

To: Josh Marshall

Subject: Re: your next video

Well this is unexpected — and welcome, and I will take you up on your offer. I have always been puzzled and frustrated by the antipathy that intelligent, democratic leftists have for me, your video included and have actually attempted on many occasions to achieve the breakthrough — the common ground particularly on national security issues but also on the general opposition to totalitarianisms — you say you are interested in. For example, I have invited many leftists of what I presume is your persuasion into the pages of my magazine, and praised writers such as Paul Berman and Leon Wieseltier (both of whom have attacked me pretty viciously) when we’re on the same page on Islamic terrorism etc. But without much reciprocal result.

Continue reading Horowitz’s response to Marshall on Page 3 here.

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