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An “Evil” Thought for Christopher Hitchens and People Who Want to Ban Crosses

One of my family members sent me an e-mail a couple of days ago about a protein called laminin, that binds cells together. It was one of those “Wow” kinds of e-mails. The protein acts as the glue that holds cells together. Without it, we would be little more than puddles of chemicals. The thing that made laminin so remarkable was that it is shaped like a cross- a perfect cross.

Religious people look at this protein and marvel at the stamp of God in the cellular structure of life. An evil thought crept into my mind as I looked at the incredible picture of the laminin protein. Does Christopher Hitchens know that he has little crosses gluing his body together? Do all of the people who tried to ban the Mojave Cross Memorial know? If they don’t, I’d sure like to be the one to tell them. I’ll even help them organize a ban to root it out of their bodies. Science baby- love it.

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