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Alexander Zaitchik Calls Glenn Beck A Dummy, Leftist Audience Responds Like Trained Seals

Posted on June 9 2010 1:00 pm
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The left’s fondness for character assassination was on full display at a radical hate-fest in the nation’s capital this week.

Hostile Glenn Beck biographer Alexander Zaitchik lashed out at the Fox News talk show host during a Fox News-bashing panel discussion at the “America’s Future Now” conference in Washington, D.C. (The event is hosted by the Campaign for America’s Future and its sister organization, the Institute for America’s Future.)

The author of Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance, explained to an audience of maybe a little over a hundred people that Beck gained his foothold in radio a few years ago when the “morning zoo” format –complete with gimmicks and props and attacks on other radio personalities– gained popularity among AM radio broadcasters.

“Morning zoo” and Beck were a good fit, Zaitchik argued, because “if there are any constants in [B eck’s] career they’re probably viciousness, shamelessness, ego.”

Beck’s a moron and an attention-hog, Zaitchik said in a long, drawn-out way.

Beck doesn’t read books — he only mentions them on-air, according to Zaitchik. “He’s a willing conveyor of a lot of very dangerous ideas and book titles and dead authors and I don’t think he has a very firm grasp on it.”

In his book, Zaitchik writes that Beck “possesses a child’s understanding of U.S. history and Democratic coalition politics
which makes everything his discovers seem so shocking and new.” This is “why his rants about the ‘tree of radicalism’ have the same feel as a freshman-year bong session devoted to the possibility that the universe is really just an atom, and within each atom another entire universe.” (p.12)

I could give more examples of what Zaitchik said, but really, what’s the point? You know what this leftist automaton is going to say before he knows it. Very tedious stuff.

Zaitchik used to work for the disgusting race-baiting Southern Poverty Law Center which views poor black Americans as fundraising props. James Byrd brutally murdered? Cha-ching! Fundraising opportunity! Woo Hoo! The SPLC argues that all Republicans and conservatives are dangerous homicidal racists just itching to burn a cross on the White House lawn in order to initiate a race war.

There was one light moment during the panel discussion Tuesday that was otherwise filled with angry, deluded leftists ranting about “teabaggers.” After a video supposedly highlighting the paranoia of America’s right unexpectedly stalled, the otherwise dim-witted panel moderator Eric Burns (president of Media Matters) quipped, “Is Andrew Breitbart in the room?”

That’s as close to humor as you’ll ever get at one of these leftist conferences.

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