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Pelosi Faithful Fail to Lower Their Voices

Posted on June 8 2010 6:00 pm
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Gee Nancy, perhaps this is the kind of shrill rhetoric you remember so tearfully from the old days in San Francisco.

Pelosi may have been pining for the relative civility of the Tea Partiers as she attempted to deal with Code Pink and anti-Israel protestors at the America’s Future Now conference earlier today. As the room erupted in chants and shouting it was probably all she could do not to look behind her to ensure the head and shoulders of Sarah Palin hadn’t been put up on the Jumbotron.

But no, Nancy, this was all for you.

Bear in mind, this is a gathering of the “progressive” faithful. One would have expected huzzahs and high-fives as Speaker Pelosi enumerated the many, many accomplishments of the Democrats over the last year. It would appear however that many of these minions didn’t get the memo—at least in time to have someone read it to them—and the result was the kind of behavior usually reserved for conservative speakers and bank executives.

At one point Pelosi attempted to engage with a protester, fighting back the sickening realization that not only do shrill harpies exist outside of congress, but being one yourself is no defense.

I have written previously about the growing disaffection of Obama’s supporters on the Left, which has steadily gained momentum while the media remains fixated on blue-rinsed ladies on lawn chairs waving pocket Constitutions. Like their counterparts in Europe, the American uber-Left is growing impatient with the incremental stealth approach of their more moderate—if that term can be used without inviting ridicule—confreres in power. They want their stuff right now, and their fury is stoked by the realization that even what they consider modest gains may be soon be rolled back through elections and—though this would probably elude them—basic economics.

As Glenn Beck correctly pointed out this morning, the bizarre tough-guy pose adopted by Obama yesterday is directly aimed at this constituency. Short of blinking in Morse code he couldn’t have been more obvious. The message to all the budding young Commissars was “honest guys, beneath this calm cipher is a Strongman you can deal with!”

Anyone who believes him shouldn’t play poker. Lori Ziganto’s post today pretty much captures the general reaction, which, to be charitable, doesn’t quite rise to the level of apocalyptic horror.

Accordingly, this administration has a sorcerer’s apprentice problem. If it hasn’t already dawned on them that the forces they have colluded with may not be as easily controlled as they thought, the revelation is just around the corner. And it’s carrying a large blunt object.

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