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Russia Will Spread Her Errors Throughout the World

Posted on June 7 2010 6:00 pm
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In 1917, three illiterate Portuguese children returned from watching their grazing sheep and told their parents that a “luminous young girl” had appeared in the sky above the family’s pasture and spoke to them. News of the incident spread like wild fire. Of course, almost no one believed them. The children returned to see the “apparition” six more times and were eventually accompanied by a crowd of 70,000 people for the final “visit,” on October 13, 1917.

The official Portuguese atheist newspaper documented that the throng waited in pouring rain and mud for the “miracle” the children had been promised as verification of what the “lady” had told them. Preserved accounts by eye-witnesses relate that the clouds parted and 70,000 believers and skeptics watched in horror as they perceived the sun to plummet towards the earth. This phenomenon lasted several minutes before the sun returned to its proper fixture and the people, completely dry, left the field – most convinced that the children had told the truth.

In 1929, the oldest of the children wrote what she claimed to have been told by the visitor:

“The lady told us that the war (WWI) would end soon and that the soldiers would return home. Under (the then future) Pope Pius XI, a worse war would break out. She told us that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions. The good would be martyred and many nations would be annihilated.”

Whatever one thinks of the entire story of Fatima – it would be hard to come up with a more accurate way of describing the dominant reality of post-World War II geo-political history than:

“Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars.”

These errors are the principles of the Marxist, atheistic Revolution that impose egalitarian slavery and eradicate civilizations predicated on the value of truth and respect for independent, God-given human life.

What does this have to do with the accelerating global fury against Israel, presently aimed at dismantling the Gaza Blockade between life and death for seven million Jews? The answer is found in the criminal discrepancy between the howling, near-universal outcry against Israel and the consigning to oblivion of the cold-blooded murder of 43 South Korean sailors by Communist North Korea.

Not a single Leftist keyboard railed against this wanton murder by a Communist regime. Our Marxist Administration urged calm when the North Korean origin of the torpedo attack was confirmed. At the same time, America abandons her traditional solidarity with Israel for as much condemnation-by-dithering as can be risked. The United Nations is now virtually ordering an international investigation of the Flotilla and permanent oversight of “aid” to Hamas-dominated Gaza.

Meanwhile, the world applauds. Why? Because Russia spread her errors throughout the world, and those errors, served by assault on a free society by Communist China’s puppet, are checked by the iron determination of Israel to survive.

The predilection of the Left for Islamic theocracy makes perfect sense in the light of, “Russia will spread her errors.” If the Left – embodied in the anti-Semitic United Nations, the media, Academia, and demonstrating mobs of lobotomized zombies, all turn a blind eye to the unspeakable brutalization of women by Islam, the use of children as homicide bombers, and the execution of dissenters, it is because the principles of Islam help to undermine the Marxist’s only true enemy, detestable anti-Revolutionary Western Civilization.

In his article, Why the Left and Timothy Burke Can’t Handle the Truth, David Horowitz states:

“As in the last decades of the Cold War, when it did not exactly embrace our Communist enemies but instead “critically supported” them, the left does not exactly embrace the Islamist terrorists today. But it does the next best thing by offering them critical support in the form of apologetics for their savagery (“root causes” etc.), by mounting relentless attacks on America’s defenses (our borders, the Patriot Act), by diversionary and morale-sapping propaganda campaigns over Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and even through a political movement to sabotage the military effort to liberate Iraq (the “Counter-Recruitment campaign on America’s college and high school campuses).”

“Unholy Alliance is an attempt to understand this phenomenon: to explain the paradox of a left that thinks of itself as “progressive” but which has once again entered into practical alliances with the most reactionary and oppressive forces on the planet.”

Horowitz states that the core error of the Left is not adherence to the economic-political structure of Communism, itself, but rather its “utopian” view of the world.

“The destruction [of Western democracy] is justified by the desire to create an alternative future…today the left is still divided over its plans for the future, but these plans pale into insignificance in the face of its real passion which is its nihilistic antagonism towards the United States the metropolis at the center of the global capitalist system, and Israel, its imperialist pawn in the Muslim world. The left’s overweening hatred of global capitalism – “globalization” – which is its energizing force, explains how it can make alliances with Islamic fundamentalists who share the same enemy.”

The political structures used to advance Marxist Utopianism, have succeeded one another since 1917, but the core errors continue to fuel the Left’s determination to destroy natural civilization. We are witnessing an attempt to destroy Israel. Victory would leave the Left with only one remaining barrier to domination by its errors. If we abandon Israel, we have no moral standing to resist when it is our turn to be attacked. We will have added another seven million victims to the nations already annihilated in pursuit of the Leftist Utopia.

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