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Nikki Haley Up by 20 in South Carolina

by Doug Brady

Kathleen Parker had a column yesterday in the Washington Post. The article was, as a whole, typical Kathleen Parker. That is to say incoherent. She claimed to take Will Folks “at his word” while simultaneously taking Nikki Haley “at her word”. The inconsistency evidently eluded her. At any rate, it’s not my intention to analyze Parker’s article (Dan Riehl did a fine job of thathere). There was, however, one useful piece of information in Parker’s piece. She had interviewed Nikki Haley about the bizarre state of politics in South Carolina and, apparently, asked Haley how she was coping with all the crap being slung her way:

“All I know to do is fight,” said Haley by phone Friday. “Just stay strong and keep a smile on your face. . . . I refuse to let this distract me.”

Read the whole thing.

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