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Mark Tapson Reviews The Grand Jihad

Posted on June 7 2010 12:13 pm
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President Obama called the murder of a soldier in Little Rock by a self-proclaimed jihadist “a senseless tragedy.” The Christmas bomber, “an isolated extremist.” The Ft. Hood shooting, a “horrific outburst of violence.” Daniel Pearl’s beheading, an act which “captured the world’s imagination” (truly the most repugnant euphemism possible for such barbarism), he magically transformed from an act of Koran-mandated Jew-hatred to a “free press” issue. At every turn, the Obama administration feeds us maddening and relentless disinformation, parroted by a credulous and/or complicit press, that terrorism carried out in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

Andrew C. McCarthy begs to differ. A contributing editor at the National Review Online, McCarthy is a former New York prosecutor and author of Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad. He knows a thing or two about Muslim fundamentalism, having put away the Blind Sheikh and fellow conspirators involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to destroy other New York landmarks. And his new book clarifies exactly how that Islamic threat has not only metastasized under the radar since ‘93, but has partnered itself with the Left toward a common end.


In The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left are Sabotaging America, McCarthy wastes no time driving home the point of his subtitle. He opens by revisiting Obama’s jaw-droppingly subservient bow before the Saudi king in England, correctly attributing the emblematic gesture to the pair’s “shared dream” of bringing about the collapse of American political, economic, and cultural values. “With their collectivist philosophy,” McCarthy writes, “transnational outlook, totalitarian demands, and revolutionary designs, Islamists are natural allies of the radical Left.”

With a brilliant prosecutor’s mind for marshalling evidence into an airtight argument, McCarthy makes the case that Islamic terrorism, while undeniably a serious problem, is a distraction from the broader, more serious threat – Islamism and what the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret manifesto calls “civilizational jihad.”

Read the Rest at Big Journalism

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