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Remembering D-Day – Preserving the Bulwark of Democracy and Honoring American Exceptionalism

Posted on June 6 2010 10:00 pm
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Notably absent from major leftist news media, including the NewYork Times, is any reference to the 66th Anniversary of D-Day.

Last year, the Times gave President Obama a full-page spread entitled “Obama Hails D-Day Heroes at Normandy after he refused to visit Normandy last spring and risk offsetting the “balance” of the G20 Summit during his first overseas trip.

This year, nothing. Not even from conservative FOX News.

What gives?

Has America taken on the “no nation above any other” worldview of the Obama Administration and relegated World War II and the Holocaust to the dusty bookshelves of history, to be redefined by revisionists and the leftist media in the years to come?

In an era of increasing anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, where jihad is officially condoned as “legitimate,” we need to be persistent about remembering the sacrifices of World War II and the “man-caused disaster” traditionally known as the  Holocaust.

We need to always remember D-Day, lest we become like Helen Thomas, a revisionist who removed the quote “Without an informed people, there can be no democracy…” from her website last night that originally sat beneath her apology for her anti-Semitic rant:


Ignoring D-Day is tantamount to keeping the people uninformed while snuffing out the light of true democracy and replacing  it with socialism and tyranny.

It is through knowing our history that successive generations of Americans can embrace their duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States — the world’s true bulwark of democracy.

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