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Comment of the Day: A Literary Smack Down of Those Who Hide Behind “Neutrality”

Posted on June 6 2010 11:00 pm
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Wow, this is a great comment, from Steve R.:

I believe it was Dante who said there’s a special place in hell reserved for those who, in the face of great moral questions, take a neutral stand. My former “colleagues” in the media make a fetish of their “neutrality”, which — as the demented doyenne of the DC press ‘corpse’ has shown — is nothing more than moral cowardice. As for those who, on these posts, have hidden their anti-semitism behind so-called political criticisms, they are intellectual vomitus without a glimmer of understanding of how the Nation of Israel was formed, or why, or the continued intense opposition that has been its lot since 1948. Whatever supposed “atrocities” the Israelis have committed in their 60 year history pale in comparison to the atrocities committed upon them by their Arab “neighbors”.

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