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Now we Know How Lady Ga Ga Does it: Monarch Mind Control!

Posted on June 5 2010 9:00 am
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Not that Yours Truly is any big fan of Lady Ga Ga; her music is insipid, and her videos plush on the outside and empty on the inside. A Bananarama for the times.

My pre-teen daughters love her, of course. (No, they are not allowed to watch the videos!) They seem to know exactly when she’s gonna pop out of the minivan radio, and they sing along all girlie-like, slightly off  key, their bodies moving, big smiles on their faces.

OK, OK, I might tap along a little bit on the gas pedal, but it is truly an involuntary action.

Which is the whole point. According to The Vigilant Citizen, Lady Ga-Ga is no more than a device, designed to lull the masses into empty-headedness, so that the current Masters of the Universe can then mold them into drones for various nefarious purposes.

Or something like that. The technique is called Monarch Mind Control, and according to the author (in two related articles), Lady Ga-Ga’s “Telephone” video is chock-full of

“…a whole bunch of Illuminati/mind control symbols….”

Which serve to point out

“…the elite’s contempt for the general population, hence the scene of ritual murder of average Americans in a diner by mind-controlled slaves. Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Keep reading.”

Yowzer! How was I to know? Are my little darlings gonna turn into Stepford kids? What about your offspring? Is this menace only confined to Lady Ga-Ga or are there more hidden pungi-sticks out there, placed strategically amongst the music industry’s many offerings?

It may be best to just ask the Prez. After all, who knows more about creating mass disorder in American Body Politic than him? I did place a call this morning to his handler, a guy named Rahm. So far the only response I’ve gotten is the following (e-mailed) video, which I’m afraid has caused a virus in my computer:

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