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L.A. Unified School District to Commence Indoctri-cation on Arizona Immigration Law

Posted on June 5 2010 10:00 am
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“There’s a conversation in this country around the rights of people, and students are a part of it,” said L.A. School Board President, Monica Garcia.

It would be foolish, then, for left-wing educators to miss the opportunity to tell students what to think and say in such an instance.

The politically saturated Los Angeles Unified School District recently approved a formal condemnation of the new Arizona immigration law. Of particular note, more than just symbolic repudiation of the statute, the condemnation stipulates that school education on the matter will involve categorizing the law as yet another example of indefensible American sins such as Jim Crow laws and internment camps. No argument necessary. The L.A. Times Reports:

The resolution also called…to ensure that civics and history classes discuss the Arizona laws “in the context of the American values of unity, diversity and equal protection for all…”

The issue would, in essence, be dealt with in a manner similar to the way other broadly accepted episodes of racial and cultural intolerance and discrimination are discussed, said district spokesman Robert Alaniz.

He cited as examples the Jim Crow laws that denied rights to African Americans and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

If we follow the logic here — and there’s little reason to believe that a school district in which teachers suggests first-graders parade around with O.J. Simpson pictures for Black History Month would concern itself with logic — given that the state law merely shadows already existing federal laws, all such immigration regulations are unarguably morally repugnant. In other words, no people of Hispanic decent anywhere had better leave the attic, lest the Immigration SS catch you wondering about — papers, bitte!

It’s not clear how LAUSD would handle such criticism, but I doubt these kinds of questions would be part of the curriculum, anyway. In case dissent erupts, however, the school board will have plenty of propaganda at the ready:

“It’s very important for us to take a position of outrage,” said school board member Yolie Flores. “Because of the color of your skin and the accent you speak with, you will be targeted. You will be asked if you belong here.…Taking a position against that kind of racism is appropriate.

“Our students are dramatically affected by this,” said school board member Steve Zimmer. “It has caused a great deal of stress, uncertainty, questions that are brought in to the classroom every day.”

Presumably, this emotionally painful burden of independent consideration on the part of the students will be assuaged by the catechism of the party line: The Arizona law is a racist proposal of Hitlerian proportions.

On the other hand, one wonders why laws of a completely different state would drive this school board member, Steve Zimmer, to such hysterics. The 28% dropout rate among Latinos* in the district is something he might be slightly more concerned with. Any hope for an official condemnation of union-fattened incompetent teachers or school corruption?

Now, don’t think I am wholly without sympathy; I realized the psychological trauma of this vitriolic debate is a heavy imposition on impressionable students. If I were being indoctrinated to believe that the Third Reich had suddenly manifested in an abutting state, I would be pretty stressed out myself.

*Per most recent available data.

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