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Clear Hate of Jews on Facebook

Posted on June 5 2010 2:30 pm
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By: PI News

On Facebook an apparently deeply piled up hate of Jews is now being unloaded. Muslims living in Germany are freely exercising their genocidal fantasies. They don’t conceal their sympathies for the Holocaust and its author Adolf Hitler. The fact is openly bemoaned that he was unable to complete his gruesome work.

In light of the multitude of shocking texts, the usual diversions of a few simple rare occurrences can no longer be spoken of. Also, the study of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation of the previous year came to the conclusion that there is definitely a strong anti-Semitism among young Muslims. Something appears to be developing here that not only should cause the greatest concern, but must give occasion for even greater alarm, if it would be the right target group with Jew-hating Bio-German right-wing radicals, but there is the possibility that the well-wishing immigrant bonus is being employed here. For perhaps they don’t mean it that way, but it must still be explained to them how to understand “Mein Kampf” correctly. In the year 2007, this book of hate and incitement was still #3 on the bestseller list before it was officially banned there under instigation by the Bavarian State Government. But in a Turkey that has been re-Islamized at a fearfully fast pace, Hitler’s hate tirades appear to have become once again accepted and beloved. This is a seamless fulfillment of the Jew-hating scriptures of the prophet Muhammad, as these entries on Facebook very impressively confirm:

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