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Turkey to Israel: Watch Your Attitude

Posted on June 4 2010 4:00 pm
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Ever since a ship filled with Turkish terrorists tried to enter an Israeli military zone to forge a permanent conduit for Jew-killing missiles to Hamas, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogu, have broken the world record for running, jumping, and pole-vaulting-off-the-charts gall.

They were Turkish terrorists – sworn to help Hamas kill Jews. So naturally it follows that Ergodan rants about a “bloody massacre” and warns Israel not to “test Turkey’s patience,” while Davutogu intones that future Turkish-Israeli ties depend upon Israel’s “attitude.”

Let me get this straight. Turkish officials go on a three-day tirade about Israel’s “attitude” and whine about their feelings after they sponsored a ship of terrorist girly-men pretending to be unarmed pacifists in order to ambush the Israeli commandos they knew have no choice but to protect the millions whose security depends on that Gaza blockade.

The overtone of bigotry is deafening in Ergodan and Davutogu’s bizarre, misplaced expressions of outrage. There is a subtext of entitlement that harkens back to the old days of Muslim-Jewish dhimmitude. How dare those Jews “test” Turkey’s “patience” by not recognizing those diplomatic geniuses’ superiority and moral prerogative to preach, scold, threaten, pass judgment, and meddle in their business.

There is no such undercurrent of intrinsic superiority in Turkey’s relations with Sudanese president and genocidal maniac, Omar al-Bashir. Erdogan has stated plainly that he sees nothing wrong with his attitude. And what about Hamas’ attitude as they rip up peace offers, terrorize Israel, and throw political adversaries out of 15-story windows?

So, it follows that Turkey’s “patience” would be “tested” by Israel’s attitude which didn’t behead, hang, or even force the Turkish terrorist cowards to stand trial. Not to mention the intolerable Israeli attitude which cares for their own would-be murderers in hospitals or sets them free to see their families, take a vacation, or hop on board the next Turkish-sponsored terrorist ship that is already sailing for Gaza to repeat this week’s nightmare.

I can imagine it must be so irksome for Ankara to observe the way Israel deals with the hellish national security issues they face every day, and which, incidentally, are none of Turkey’s damn business.

Maybe even more trying than, I don’t know, women rocking their babies each night wondering whether a rocket might crash through their roof. Or, say, kissing husbands, wives, and kids good-bye every morning knowing they may get too close to the wrong guy and become a human jigsaw puzzle down at the morgue. Yes, it must be so wearisome for the Turks to observe Israel’s “attitude” every time their citizens are terrorized, butchered, burned, and blown up.

Forgive the sarcasm here, but my only other release valve involves a hammer, and this is the only face I’ve got.

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