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The Media’s Coverage of the Flotilla Raid Makes Me Want to Wreck My Face with a Hammer

Posted on June 4 2010 9:00 am
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Last night, Jon Stewart, who I view as honorable, joined the chorus of people criticizing the justified-as-much-as-something-can-be-justified raid by the Israelis on the flotilla carrying “aid” to Gaza, the home of Hamas. First, he referred to the people involved in the shipment as “activists” and then showed video of some of the ship’s contents—the non-violent aid.

Although Stewart deserves credit for showing the video of the “activists” attacking Israeli soldiers as they landed on the vessel, he mocked the notion that elite soldiers were used against a ship that wasn’t carrying anything dangerous.

Watch the video below:

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Now, watch this video after taking something to cool you down so you don’t break something:

Yup, there were weapons on board. And if there weren’t weapons onboard, it actually wouldn’t matter. It is clear that the intent of those involved, which included a Turkish Islamist organization tied to terrorism, was to create a provocation and to ambush the soldiers.

The thing that amazes me the most about this whole controversy is what it implies about Israel. Major media outlets keep framing Israel as the aggressor. The last thing the Israelis would want to do is butcher innocent peace activists and ignite worldwide uproar. What do they get out of doing that? What are these media outlets implying about Israel—that they are hateful and intent on carrying out a genocide against the Palestinians? If that was the case, Israel would have done it by now.

The truth is that Israel is fine with aid reaching Gaza, provided it is inspected and not delivered directly in, which any country would do in their situation. The Israelis sure do tolerate a lot for being an evil, oppressive state that wants to commit ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.

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