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Pro-Terrorist Hack Max Blumenthal Tortures The Facts To Make Them Fit His Loony Conspiracy Theory

Posted on June 4 2010 9:00 pm
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And so we hear again from the devious terrorist sympathizer Max Blumenthal, a soulless ultra-leftist propagandist who labors under the misapprehension that he is a journalist. When the truth doesn’t help him make his case, he changes the facts. His track record of inaccuracy tells you all you need to know about this creepy little miscreant.

And now the latest conspiracy theory: Blumenthal claims in the headline of his blog post that “The Flotilla Raid Was Not ‘Bungled.’ The IDF Detailed Its Violent Strategy In Advance.” He asserts by way of rhetorical question that “the violence they meted out against the flotilla activists [was] deliberate and methodically planned.”

He refers to the raid on the flotilla of blockade-running terrorists and their sympathizers as a “massacre.”

Some perspective is needed.

The people in the flotilla became combatants the moment they ran the blockade. Running a blockade is an act of war and the nation enforcing the blockade is entitled to respond, with force if necessary. If they really wanted to get aid to Gaza, they should have gone through the normal channels by bringing the supplies to Israel and then having them shipped. It’s not that hard; others do it all the time.

As other bloggers have shown rather exhaustively here at NewsReal Blog, the people participating in the flotilla were largely actual terrorists, not innocent bearers of humanitarian aid. They attacked the Israeli soldiers as soon as the soldiers began to board.

Israeli envoy Nadav Tamir explains in the Christian Science Monitor that

Israel repeatedly, and expressly, made clear to those who organized the effort to break the embargo that it would willingly take all of the humanitarian aid that was on their boats and transfer it to Gaza, without delay. All that Israel wanted was to be able to ensure that materials were, in fact, humanitarian aid, rather than the sorts of materials used for launching attacks that are supplied to Hamas by the Iranians and others. The organizers of the flotilla refused – because, of course, getting humanitarian aid to Gaza was not what their gambit was really about.

The goal of the so-called activists in the flotilla was always murder and mayhem. The Israeli soldiers responded with a minimum of force, having been ordered to try to avoid using force. This was, in retrospect, probably a mistake, but those were their orders.

If anything, the Israelis reacted with (admirable?) restraint in the situation: they had every moral and legal right to sink any and all vessels attempting to break the blockade.

The translated Maariv article little Max cites does not support his argument that the IDF was hell-bent on spilling blood. The article quotes one Lt. Col.  Eliezer Maron saying:

We want to avoid using force but as soon as there will be danger to the life of our forces we will be forced to use live fire as a last resort. [Blumenthal’s emphasis]

It doesn’t exactly make the IDF sound like a bunch of bloodthirsty brutes, does it? Soldiers were directed to attempt to avoid using force but to defend themselves should it be necessary. There is nothing controversial or in any way even interesting in that. Why little Max would rest his whole case on such a slender reed is anyone’s guess.

Like all good American leftists, Blumenthal hates Israel with a passion, and he won’t let mere facts get in his way. He contends that religious right extremists have taken over the Republican Party and are pushing it to the brink of extinction. The Taliban and the GOP are more or less the same, he argues.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, Blumenthal believes an ongoing U.S.-based conspiracy is largely responsible for the suffering of the Haitian people following the devastating earthquake there.

Blumenthal is so obtuse he can’t understand what marriage is. He made an ass of himself at a conservative convention. He argued Ann Coulter was a hypocrite because she believed in marriage but hadn’t gotten married. He accused her of violating the “sanctity” of marriage. Don’t you have to be married or commit adultery to do that?

Poor little Max with his itsy bitsy teeny weeny intellect. He’s so desperate to force the world to conform to his own dumb ideas that he rarely makes any sense at all. Perhaps he should run for Congress.

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