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US Charitable Organizations Support Violent Flotillas

Posted on June 3 2010 10:00 am
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The Sweetness & Light blog has an excellent piece entitled “US Taxpayers Support The ‘Gaza Flotilla.’” They illustrate how the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is funding the flotilla by funneling donations through the socialist A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, an American 501c3 charitable tax exempt foundation. This is just another example of how too many charities and foundations have been turned into political money laundering operations, without any taxation during one of our worst economic times. 

Although the A.J. Muste site uses the tag “Supporting Nonviolence and Social Justice Since 1974,” perhaps they have a different definition of nonviolence than I do. On their donation page, while claiming to only support legal and educational causes, they include this “disclaimer”:

Sponsored projects are generally organizations which do not have their own tax-exempt charitable status in the US. Some of these organizations are not directly eligible for tax-exempt status because they carry out or advocate activities which do not meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules for charitable tax-deductions (i.e. tax resistance, draft resistance, civil disobedience, direct action).

Also connected is the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation, also a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Yet following the link to their End the Occupation blog, you will see the logo for the Freedom Flotilla. Not all that surprising, considering that the ISM is part of their campaign, along with many other related groups. This does not show that they directly donate to the Flotilla, but they certainly support it and the actions taken. Again, this doesn’t seem consistent with their self-described mission of peace and education.

And on it goes. Progressive foundations and charities carry on, attempting to destroy allies of this country, promote their global agenda and do it all without a cent of tax paid. Meanwhile, your local pastors are probably afraid to even mention the name of a politician without fear of having their tax exempt status revoked. We’ve got a big problem here.

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