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Spike Lee Gives Obama the Famous Hollywood Pass

Posted on June 3 2010 6:00 pm
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In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, filmmaker Spike Lee lashed out against President Bush for his response to the disaster. Lee made an exhausting two part film called When the Levees Broke that was full of misguided information and useless finger pointing at President Bush with full passes given to what felt like everyone else.

Not to our surprise, Lee is giving President Obama the famous Hollywood pass now that it is a liberal’s turn to clean up a mess.

Here is part of the exchange:

Cooper: People think this is Obama’s Katrina and I don’t think you can compare disasters.

Lee: I think that’s going a little overboard. Where there might be some similarities is the slow response and I don’t know why we’re going to take the word of any oil company, not just BP, because they are about making dollars.”

To be expected, both Lee and Cooper cannot blame our government for a horrendous response when Obama is in office but they will continue for all eternity to hang Bush for the Katrina response. Comparing the two disasters is not “going a little overboard,” it is spot on. Lee can’t bring himself to criticize Obama like he did Bush because there is no way to call this disastrous situation racist.

Lee’s entire career is built on claiming racism in some form and pointing fingers in all the wrong places, which probably explains why his movies don’t make very much money. Our government, regardless of which political party is in power or skin color the president happens to be, needs to take some initiative and responsibility for what is going on.

The point that needs to be made is that the response to the oil spill is horrible and this is just another reason why we can never rely on our government do to anything right. If Lee wanted to “Do the Right Thing,” like he did in his own 1989 film, he would go to the White House and throw a garbage can through their front window.

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