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Obama: Pinko and the Brain – Narf!

Posted on June 3 2010 10:00 pm
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Everything you need to understand about Barack Obama can be gleaned from watching any episode of Pinky and The Brain. All the elements are there, the quest for world domination, the Byzantine plots, a brilliant and dreadfully persistent mind hatching schemes of impossible complexity on a daily basis.

The punchline of course is that President Obama is not The Brain, he is Pinky — or, perhaps more properly, Pinko. Whoever The Brain is — singular or plural — is still a matter for conjecture, but nobody watching this man’s performance over the last 18 months can possibly still believe that Obama is the super competent, coolly analytical, near genius the media continues to try to sell us.

That the media persist in this narrative, and the Kool-Aid drinkers continue to buy it, is a testament to cognitive dissonance. Better to stay the course and risk ridicule than admit the guy you put in the White House is at best a charming mediocrity with little more than a talent for reading a teleprompter and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of self-confidence. These are qualifications for a TV pitchman (or worse yet a news anchor) not president of the United States which, again, invites uncomfortable questions as to who exactly is architecting our transformation into Venezuela while Obama scampers on his treadmill in front of the cameras.

Whoever occupies the mother ship it’s clear there is no one among them who has ever built or fixed anything real, which goes a long way towards explaining Obama’s response — or lack of same — to the recent BP oil spill. Apart from offering the default mantra of “demonize and usurp” it’s obvious the people who feed Obama’s teleprompter and Blackberry have no better idea than he does as to what to do about all of this.  We are thus left with Obama unplugged, doing what anyone hopelessly out of his depth would do — blustering, finger-pointing, dithering, and obsessing on “process”. Anyone who’s ever had a boss who couldn’t run his department but always had sharp pencils on his desk will recognize the phenomenon immediately.

It is a measure of how obvious this has become that sources as disparate as Peggy Noonan and Chris Matthews have broken out of their somnambulance long enough to pronounce on it. (One has to assume in Matthews case some mistake in his meds adjustment was responsible.)

Even that right-wing stalwart James Carville — presumably in the spirit of “not in my back bayou” — has decided the survival of his state trumps following Obama off a cliff and is exhorting the president to take charge.

As inept as Pinko and his handlers are at solving actual problems they continue to excel at inventing imaginary ones and exploiting crises for political gain. Thus it is that Obama can say with a straight face that the solution to the problem of oil spills — created in large part by over-regulation that has driven drilling and exploration to riskier and more remote locations — is to make all drilling and exploration more difficult by taking away oil companies tax credits and “redistributing” them to whatever hamster-cage energy alternatives can be most easily converted into government slush funds .

This and much more in a speech yesterday in Pittsburgh. To his credit Obama made it all the way through without once saying “narf!”

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