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War on Israel: International Conference Call With Israeli Prime Minister’s Spokesman, Mark Regev

Posted on June 2 2010 3:00 pm
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On Tuesday, June 1st, The Israel Project hosted Israeli Prime Minister’s Spokesman, Mark Regev for a conference call during which the Spokesman updated journalists on the attacks on Israel by “humanitarians” bringing aid to Gaza.

“The Israel Project is an international nonprofit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.”

Mr. Regev began his remarks by clarifying that the blockade established by Israel to prevent access to Gaza is in complete conformity with international law.  In particular, the existence of the blockade is clearly publicized by Israel and was established for the explicit and legitimate purpose of preventing munitions and terrorists from fortifying the war against Israel.

The Prime Minister’s Spokesman insisted repeatedly:

“The blockade is a matter of life and death for the people of Israel. Without this blockade, long-reaching, more sophisticated rockets provided by Iran and Syria will reach major cities in Israel.”

Mr. Regev clarified that over 100 trucks carry humanitarian supplies daily to the people of Gaza and that describing the situation in Gaza as a “humanitarian crisis” is a gross exaggeration.

Above all, the Spokesman wanted to emphasize that the violence and loss of life, while regretted and acknowledged by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, are the sole responsibility of those who claimed to be humanitarian activists.

“Israel announced for days that the convoy, as all ships headed for Gaza, would be rerouted to the Israeli ports for inspection.  The ship captains were told to divert their trajectories and five of the six did so.  It was only the last ship that continued its course.  Commandos were sent to the ships by the IDF to bring the boats with “maximum restraint,” to port so they could be inspected.

Israel promised the activists that, once screened, all appropriate supplies would reach the people of Gaza.  Egypt also offered to serve as channel for the charitable donations, but the Marmara refused to comply and attacked the Israeli sailors with deadly force, necessitating the shooting of several activists.”

It is clear that the ultimate goal of the anti-Israelis is the “breaking of the blockade.”    Regev explained the sheer hypocrisy of those calling themselves “Human Rights Activists,” when they do not speak out for the violated rights of Israeli citizens who have been targeted by over 7000 rockets since Gaza was traded to the Jordanian Arabs to try to encourage them to stop bombing innocent civilians.  Most of all, it is crucial to note that, under Hamas, the people of Gaza are subject to:

“A Taliban-like theocracy in which gays, Christians, and women who wish to dress in a modern way in public are oppressed and punished. If the “human rights activists” were so worried about ending oppression, why do they run to embrace and have their pictures taken with the heads of Hamas in Gaza who are subjecting their people to this life-style that violates human rights.”

Mr. Regev stated that Israel must be allowed to protect itself and that universal demands that Her actions in this matter be the subject of an external inquiry show that Israel is held to a standard that is never applied to other nations who use force, and more force, to protect themselves.  ‘

The Questions and Answers included a request for a statement of how Israel will handle future attempts to run the blockade.  Regev replied that ships attempting to enter Gaza will be met with the same process, redirection to a port where the cargo will be searched to ascertain if there are materials harmful to Israel.

The final remarks by Mr. Regev underlined the seriousness of the fight in which Isreal is engaged.  This is not theory, but a fight for existence.  The recent UN resolution for a “nuclear free Middle East,” seeks, in fact, the disarmement of Israel, not the prevention of a nuclear Iran.

“Benjamin Netanyahu has called the attainment of nuclear weapons by Iran a pivot in history – the marriage of Islamic extremism, of religious fanaticism with nuclear weapons. Will these messianic regimes refrain from using these warheads, as do free societies who possess them now? Will Al Qaeda not use these weapons once they own them?”

Mr. Regev stated that Israelis are aware of their global condemnation, but that  they reject all attempts to attribute responsibility to anyone but the real perpetrators, those who attacked the IDF soldiers who were simply protecting their besieged country.

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