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Canada’s Stinky Healthcare System Collapsing As America Gets Ready To Emulate It

Posted on June 1 2010 3:00 pm
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Canada’s sclerotic, dysfunctional universal healthcare system is poised to come to America courtesy of the Democratic-controlled Congress and the Obama administration just as Canada backs away from the socialistic system that is bankrupting it.

That nation’s provincial governments are desperately scrambling to find ways to cut costs.

“A few provinces are also experimenting with private funding for procedures such as hip, knee and cataract surgery, Reuters reports. “It’s likely just a start as the provinces, responsible for delivering healthcare, cope with the demands of a retiring baby-boom generation. Official figures show that senior citizens will make up 25 percent of the population by 2036.”

Said Derek Burleton, a senior economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank

There’s got to be some change to the status quo whether it happens in three years or 10 years. We can’t continually see health spending growing above and beyond the growth rate in the economy because, at some point, it means crowding out of all the other government services. At some stage we’re going to hit a breaking point.

To make matters worse, the provinces that administer the Canadian healthcare system sometimes have pretty messed up priorities.

Authorities in the Canadian province of Quebec seem to care more about the well-being of skunks and power lines than the well-being of patients with life-threatening health concerns.

Quebec only started thinking about acquiring medical evacuation helicopters for human beings after the tragic death last year of actress Natasha Richardson, who suffered a traumatic brain injury while skiing at Mont Tremblant resort.

Quebec’s natural resources ministry uses a helicopter fleet to drop bait containing rabies vaccine in an effort to keep its skunks, raccoons, and foxes healthy. Government-owned Hydro Quebec (or Hydro-Québec, as it’s spelled in la belle province), Canada’s largest electric utility, uses a helicopter fleet provided by a company called Héli-inter.

In a sense Pepe Le Pew gets better healthcare from the goverment of Quebec, Canada, than Quebec residents receive. Pepe has professionals airdropping him medicine from helicopters while human Quebeckers don’t even have access to a medical helicopter system.

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