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Breaking Ranks: Leftist Congressman Anthony Weiner Stands Up for Israel

Posted on June 1 2010 4:00 pm
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This is tremendously encouraging:

“This was about instigating an altercation and they succeeded,” Weiner, one of Israel’s leading allies in Congress, told me. He insisted that the activists piloting the flotilla were offered other alternatives by Israel, such as docking the ship and transporting the supplies to Gaza by land.

“If you want to instigate a conflict with the Israeli navy it isn’t hard to do,” Weiner continued. “They were offered alternatives. Instead they chose to sail into the teeth of an internationally recognized blockade.”

Pushed on whether the Israeli response, which killed at least nine, was disproportionate, Weiner wouldn’t acknowledge it. “It’s always easy to criticize the response to a hostile act, but for a week at least the Israelis were trying to prevent this altercation,” Weiner said, adding that the Israelis had been “set upon.”

“It’s very easy now to say they should have come in using water cannons and harsh language,” Weiner said, speaking of the Israeli commandos.

An official statement from Weiner here:

“While the demand for answers seems to echo in capitals around the world, the facts here are largely known.”

“We know this tragedy was instigated by Turkey.  We know that Israel had not only warned that this boat was in violation of an entirely lawful blockade, but had offered safe harbor to the boat in Ashdod.

We also know that a known terrorist group – Hamas – has put its hateful agenda over the well being of its people.”

“Any loss of life is tragic.  This loss was the result of Turkish instigation and Hamas terror policies.

Even if we are the only country on earth that sees the facts here, the United States should stand up for Israel.”

It’s always wonderful to see those on the Left who we can unite with in defense of Israel — especially someone like Weiner who we’ve clashed with over far less consequential issues.

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