Kathy Shaidle

A flotilla of weapons-grade defeatism

Posted on June 1 2010 1:00 pm
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."
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Notice how quickly the meme formed?

I expected our outright enemies (and our wobbly allies) to grasp hold of the “Gaza flotilla” story like a life preserver, and they didn’t disappoint. The only thing missing was Dennis the Peasant chirping, “Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help! I’m being repressed!”

Alas, we also heard from a gaggle of individuals on our side who shall be nameless, who stupidly fell right into the enemy’s trap. You know exactly who I mean: pro-Israel conservatives who immediately started tsking and moaning about how the flotilla incident was “bad PR” for Israel — even before all the facts were in. (Note: more facts here — great stuff.)

“Who cares about the facts?!” they sniffed. “Think of how this looks!”

Funny: you sound like the leftists on the boat.

I got sick pretty quickly of all these “experts” (again, people supposedly on our side) — who’ve certainly never been commandos, or even been on a boat that wasn’t shaped like a swan — suddenly debating the finer points of hand to hand combat at sea.

They simply polluted the conversation yesterday with their tiresome, showoffy “tsk tsk” tweets and posts about “PR” and “optics.”

Who CARES about “PR” and “optics” and international waters and Section Blah Blah of the Law of the Seas?

The good guys killed a bunch of idiots.

That’s a feature, not a bug.

“The rules of war” have changed? Well, so what — just change them back. Stop. Accepting. Your. Enemies’. Premises.

When stupid people try to sound smart, they ruin things when they think they’re helping. All because they want to indulge in self-indulgent, mental pseudo-macho posturing.

Your “sophistication” — like all “sophistication” — is a disguise for world-weary defeatism.

Next time, you can help most by keeping quiet.

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