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The Flotilla Attack Was a Terrorist Operation Against Jews

Posted on May 31 2010 8:25 pm
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The critics are right: the flotilla attack today was indeed heinous and unforgivable. It is a moral outrage, and must be condemned by all civilized people. Indeed, it was an act of planned terrorism. We must stand as one and condemn it.

Alas, this is unlikely to happen. When one party is represented by ‘oppressed third world people of color,’ we’re not likely to get anywhere. And when it’s a premeditated assault by Islamists on Jews, turn the lights out.

The five points below, presented very briefly, are the essential facts of this incident. When dealing with people who have decided a priori that Israel is the bad guy and is therefore guilty in any conflict in which it is a party, no progress can be made. But most people have no strong opinion about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Reaching them is a moral imperative. This little guide for the perplexed should help people connect the dots and realize that — as usual — Israel has done nothing wrong and is being treated like, as Alan Dershowitz has aptly put it, the ‘Jew among nations,’ even when dealing with genocidal terrorists.

1. The Blockade Exists for a Reason

The naval blockade of Gaza did not exist before the 2005 election of Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization that, according to its own charter, wants to see Israel annihilated. Both Israel and Egypt immediately instituted a blockade.

For some strange reason, we never hear much about Egypt’s blockade of Gaza amongst the ‘Free Palestine’ activists. Glenn Greenwald, Desmond Tutu, and their ilk love to direct us to articles explaining the ‘devastating effects of the blockade.’ They seldom tell us why the blockade exists, or that Israel is not alone in having one.

2. Five Ships Were Let Through Peacefully

Already in violation of the blockade by refusing to use the land route that everyone is supposed to use, the Israeli government wanted to avoid a PR disaster by allowing the ships through, anyway. And indeed, they were all allowed through — until the Israelis were confronted by armed, violent activists.

3. The Passengers Were Self-Proclaimed Martyrs-In-Waiting, Chanting Phrases Glorifying Jew-Killing

Al-Jazeera has obtained proof that the ship’s members were chanting phrases glorifying Muhammad’s Jew-slaying. “O Jews! Remember!” they cried; one woman said that she would either reach Gaza or become a martyr. (Now, why would she think that?)

Make sure to click the link. The video clip is under a minute, and it’s chilling.

4. The Passengers Were Armed

In this useful article, we can clearly see armed radicals — excuse me, “peace activists,” as the Daily Mail would rather have it — brandishing knives. This must have been part of the aid package (to aid in Jew-killing!). The Israeli soldiers testify that they were attacked first — with knives, metal sticks, and pistols.

Haaretz identifies this kindly-looking man as a ‘left-wing activist.’ I’m more inclined to believe that he’s on the far, far right of his religion’s spectrum:

5. The Attackers Were On the Final Ship

The flotilla was a six-ship operation. The first five ships went through the blockade without a problem. The sixth was stacked with Jew-hating Muslims, brandishing knives, chanting tributes to Jew-killing, wishing for martyrdom. Shortly after the Israelis boarded the ship, they were attacked and ended up dead. The ancient art of putting two and two together wields a disturbing conclusion.

And in this fact, we have the true story of the incident. It’s an open-and-shut case: it was a planned attack on Jews by Islamists.

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