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Idiot Question of the Day: Profanity in the Comments?

I get this every now and then occasionally from a new reader. They’re ticked off that their comment — which they put so much time and thought into — got automatically deleted merely because they used an expletive or two. (Of course had they bothered to read the commenting guidelines they’d have never had that problem.) “Marco” asks via our contact form,

Excuse me, but why should a message with the F word intact be censored, but F**k be acceptable? Can you explain the logic of that to me!?

Pretty much the same reason that they bleep out the F word on television, in newspapers, and on the radio. Because bleeped-out profanity is akin to wearing boxing gloves during a fight. It takes the edge off a bit and is more appropriate for polite society. When I use profanity — and I’ve been known to from time to time — it’s with my friends and associates who aren’t offended by it. I don’t drop F-bombs around people I don’t know or in settings where it’s inappropriate. There’s a time and a place for everything. And in NRB’s comments section where random strangers are trying to work out the political controversies of the day, the tension’s already sharp enough without unbleeped profanity.

Is that ****ing logical enough?

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