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NewsReal Sunday: Sebelius Fan of Rationing Advocate for Medicare and Medicaid

Posted on May 30 2010 10:00 am
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Remember when Obama’s folks and the left-wing media pushed hard for Obamacare by using the Bible?  Do you recall their main argument?  They said  Jesus wanted the sick to be taken care of, therefore all Christians must support a federal takeover of medicine.  Every mainstream media show put a liberal clergyman on the show to make that argument.  Well, with Obama picking a rationing advocate to head up medicare and medicaid (CMS), where are those folks now?

Two weeks ago President Obama nominated Donald Berwick to lead the CMS.  The initial conservative reaction focused on Berwick’s promotion of  the redistribution of wealth.  However, this week more was revealed about Berwick being an advocate for health care rationing, and apparently Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius doesn’t have a problem with it.  Watch as she ducks a question on Berwick’s love for rationing this past Wednesday at a press conference.

A CNSNews journalist quoted Berwick to Sebelius and asked for a reaction.  Here is the quote from an interview Berwick did in June of 2009:

“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care–the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” -Berwick

After reading the quote the journalist asked:

“I wanted to know…if you agree with that – that the government should be rationing health care?”

Sebelius responded:

“I’m really pleased that the President nominated Dr. Donald Berwick.  He’s known nationally as an enormously competent physician and an enormously passionate health care provider and someone who, I think, is incredibly well suited to help increase the quality of health care delivered to the 40-plus million Americans who rely on Medicare services and also the 30-plus million on Medicaid services. He’s written extensively, he’s taught all over the country, and I think he’s absolutely the right leader for this time.  There’s no question, right now, health care is being decided by insurance companies.  Part of the Affordable Care Act is to make sure that the tools are back in the hands of health care providers and patients to make their own decisions and so I think his leadership at this time is going to be critical.”

Journalist: “But do you agree with that statement about the government rationing?”

Sebelius: “I just gave you the answer.”

Wow, thanks for the clarity Sebelius.  You completely ignore the question twice.  You won’t even say you are against rationing, because you know Obamacare will demand rationing.

Berwick is a professor from Harvard Medical School.  He has indicated many times that he is a fan of Great Britain’s health care model with rationing and a single-payer system.  His views are  no secret though the MSM have not reported on them.

What happened to the moral command to help the hurting?  Where are the leftist pastors saying we must reject rationing if we care about the sick?  Don’t they remember the words of Jesus they loved to quote?

I was sick and you looked after me.” Matthew 25:36

Now I completely disagree with the idea that since Christians should help the sick that means we need universal health care.  But if you are going to make that claim that means we must not allow rationing.  Every one needs help, especially those in the womb, the handicapped,  and the elderly (those most likely to be harmed by rationing).  If we don’t hear from those same leaders who spoke the words of Jesus before, then we officially know they were all hypocrites.

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