Rhonda Robinson

Politically Correct Purity is More Important Than Saving the Environment

Posted on May 27 2010 4:00 pm
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Obama’s dream team of top scientists, charged with solving the BP oil spill, has been found to have an undesirable amongst them. Washington University physics professor Jonathan Katz has been dismissed from the endeavor.

Why? You ask. Was it because his roommate was running a male prostitution ring out of their apartment? No. That wouldn’t do it.  Was it because he was having inappropriate relations with an intern? Of course not! That’s not a reflection of his job performance. Is it because he was a tax cheat?

It was because of Katz’s writing on his website. He dissed political correctness, diversity, and wrote in “defense” of homophobia. Ironically, his writings got him fired—and his firing proved the point in his writing.

Katz made this statement about diversity:

“The quest for diversity leads to another poisonous idea, that all decisions should be controlled by a central authority. No power is delegated, no subordinate individual or independent institution is given responsibility, or can act on its own authority, because it cannot be trusted to arrive at sufficiently “diverse” results. This is a fundamentally totalitarian idea, that power should be centralized rather than dispersed, and diversity is the rich manure in which this poisonous seed is growing.”

“The diversity movement is racist at its core. When dealing with people we should be concerned with intellect, talent, character and accomplishment. People aren’t dogs or cattle; race matters only to racists.” [Emphasis mine]

The former was written in 1999, this Postscript was later added:

“The February 13, 2004 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education contained an article by one of the prominent advocates of “diversity” (a man named Stanley Fish, an administrator and formerly an English professor—surprising, in view of his self-proclaimed limited vocabulary—see the article for details). He asserted that there is no place for intellectual diversity at a university. This Fascist idea, that only one kind of thought is acceptable, is unfortunately very influential in many universities today. Thus, as Orwell predicted, fascism comes calling itself anti-fascism. In contrast, I assert that intellectual diversity is the only kind of diversity that has any relevance to a university’s mission.

Obviously, neither is there any place for intellectual diversity when intelligent problem solving skills are needed by the current administration.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, has stated he wasn’t aware of Katz “controversial” writings before selecting him. So, basically he was hired for his intellect, talent, character and accomplishment, and fired for his diversity.

And the Left celebrated.

Associated Press reports:

“A.J. Bockelman, director of PROMO, a St. Louis-bases advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, applauded the decision to remove Katz.

“It’s disappointing at a time like this that when all Americans need to come together and focus on relief efforts and recovery efforts in the Gulf, someone divisive was placed in a position of power, Bockelman said.”

Don’t you find it odd, that the intelligence, talent and experience of someone top in their field is dismissed as divisive—because he holds a differing viewpoint on a totally unrelated subject than the crisis he was sent to resolve?

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