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More Testimony of Bin Laden Being in Iran

Posted on May 27 2010 8:00 am
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Check out my previous report about the evidence that Osama Bin Laden is in Iran. It’s possible that he travels to Pakistan, although I think that’d be an unnecessary risk for both parties, but there’s actually more eyewitness testimony placing Bin Laden in Iran over the years than in Pakistan. Also check out another detailed report I made by clicking here.

Now, Ken Timmerman, the best journalist covering Iran, has interviewed Mohsen Makhmalbaf, “a prominent Iranian film maker who has become a key spokesman for the Green Movement.” During their talk, Timmerman asked him if he had any information about Bin Laden possibly being in Iran.

“Osama bin Laden is living in Iran,” he said. “There is absolutely no doubt about this. According to our information, he is probably living in a government guest house near Karaj,” a town just northwest of Tehran that is controlled by the Revolutionary Guards.

Makhmalbaf says he personally saw Al-Qaeda members crossing into Iran in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks near Zabol. He also said that opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi told him that in 2006, he went on a tour arranged for top regime officials to an Al-Qaeda camp near Karaj, the same location Makhmalbaf says Osama himself is.

According to Makhmalbaf, Mousavi said there were about 120 members of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban there, and they had gone on strike over their anger over the meat they were being fed. “They were half prisoners, half guests,” Makhmalbaf said.

This story lines up neatly with what Bin Laden’s son has said about members of his family being held against their will in Iran, and the other information about Osama himself being constantly escorted by the Revolutionary Guards. They are giving safe harbor, but this dependency has led to a certain level of control.

Makhmalbaf’s identification of Karaj is substantiated by two former Iranian intelligence officers who claimed to have personally seen Bin Laden in Iran when they talked to author Richard Miniter for his 2004 book, Shadow War. They did not ask for money and the one provided intelligence that saved American lives. They also said that Bin Laden was being brought between Qazvin and Karaj by the Revolutionary Guards.

This is all compelling information, but remember, it’s obviously false because Bin Laden is Sunni and the Iranian regime is Shiite. Can you tell I’m frustrated that people still believe that?

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