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Michael Moore says Fox News edited clips to make President look bad. (No, really.)

Posted on May 27 2010 12:00 pm
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Michael Moore eats a lot, but he clearly needs to add an irony supplement to his daily 5000 calories.

Presumably with a straight face — Moore made the accusation on Twitter, after all; plus, there’s those jowls, so who can tell? — the renowned documentarian serial liar (whose Steenbeck has assassinated more people than Lee Harvey Oswald) told followers that Fox News had edited footage of the President’s speech at “the enemy camp” West Point, to make Obama look bad.

Oh, please: from what I heard, the speech couldn’t possibly have been made any worse…

Anyway, actual industry professionals at TVNewser and Inside Cable News think Moore’s barking up the wrong Movieola:

Obama had two lines, about pulling out of Iraq and the war on terror, that drew applause from the cadets. The sound of applause looks to have been edited out of the Fox News clips, leaving the president standing in silence.

So what happened? (…)

These two clips were meant to be used separately on the air and not spliced together. But someone decided to put the two together for the web but did it quick and sloppy and didn’t trim off the “dead air” parts. So Michael Moore is right that FNC cut out the audio. But he’s wrong that it was done deliberately to make Obama look bad. The only thing FNC is guilty of is having a lazy video editor and a not at all alert web staff that allowed the clip to go online in that form.

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