Nichole Hungerford

Liar Richard Blumenthal Still Overwhelmingly Ahead in Polls

Posted on May 27 2010 9:30 pm
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Despite having been exposed as a blatant liar, a recent Quinnipiac University survey shows Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal commanding a 25-point lead over his Republican opponent (56% to 31%). The two are competing for Senator Chris Dodd’s soon-to-be vacant Senate seat as he enters retirement. The extent of Blumenthal’s edge amidst reports of repeated “mistruths” regarding his service in Vietnam is truly astounding. One would have expected a close race. At the very least, an uncomfortable margin. But a 25-point lead?

The most unfortunate part is, as the story loses steam, the taint of Blumenthal’s stolen glory becomes less and less scandalous. It has already done it’s damage — but apparently leaving negligible political consequences in its wake.

The fact that the state of Connecticut is countenancing such subterfuge is extremely disheartening. It represents the kind of reckless, blind partisan devotion which allows people like Blumenthal to rise to power in the first place. Do Connecticut voters deserve what they get? Probably. But with Blumenthal’s calculating eyes on the U.S. Senate and his prospects of winning practically assured, the Constitution State is poised to deliver yet another corruptocat to the Obama status quo who will influence policy for the entire nation.

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