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Helen Thomas’s Pathetic Attack on Obama’s Afghanistan Policy

Posted on May 27 2010 9:00 pm
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Leftistl journalist Helen Thomas is giving it to President Obama over the war in Afghanistan, opposing the most justified war since Pearl Harbor. In her question to him, she said not to use any “Bushisms” like that if we leave Afghanistan, the terrorists will come here.

Watch the video below:

She immediately dismisses the most obvious  reason we need to stay there, simply because it’s an argument used by President Bush previously. This shows just how little she knows about international conflict. The reason both Presidents say it is because it’s true, and no matter how big their philosophical differences may be, they have to agree with it. If we leave Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and other terrorists get a safe haven. As we found on September 11, they use safe harbors to kill us. This isn’t brain surgery, Ms. Thomas.

One more point that I think is often missed. It’s often been said that leaving a battlefield without victory emboldens the enemy by making us look weak. But it’s greater than that: It vindicates radical Islam. It confirms to them that they are acting in accordance with what Allah wants. Part of the reason Al-Qaeda’s support has fallen is because of their failures. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s former mentor, Dr. Al-Fadl, has made major waves in the Islamic world by making that exact point. He concludes that God is not on their side based on the destruction they’ve caused and the defeats they’ve suffered. U.S. troops are now in Afghanistan and Iraq and are winning the overall War on Terror—so who’s side is God really on?

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