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The Left Silences the Right-Wing Lambs on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Posted on May 26 2010 9:09 am
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Because conservatives are incredibly inarticulate, weak-minded and reticent to talk about controversial issues like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, they are losing the battle for America.

In a brazen exercise of raw political power that doesn’t want to be bothered by serious-minded discussion and debate, leftists in Washington are preparing to jam through the Congress a sudden repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Pentagon policy that allows gay men and women to serve honorably but discreetly in the U.S. military. Instead, without Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the armed services would soon have to affirm and sanction open homosexuality within the ranks.

Ironically, this is being done in the name of fairness and justice — even though gay men and women can and do serve now in the U.S. military and without incident, provided they keep their private sexual lives private. Yet, where is the fairness and justice in overturning a successful law without engaging the Congress and the country in an honest and full-throated debate?

Problem is the gay lobby and other left-wing activists are worried that the Democrats will lose the Congress in November; and that if this happens, their prospects for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will fade. So they’re pushing hard for repeal now before the ominous November 2010 Congressional elections.

Unfortunately, on this as on so many other issues, conservatives have no one to blame but themselves. That’s because most conservatives have simply refused to discuss or debate this issue, while others — such as National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru — have openly aligned themselves with the Left.

The gay lobby, meanwhile, has waged a massive and deceptive propaganda campaign which completely ignores the reality of human sexuality, the reality of sexuality within the military today, and the reality that gays already can and do serve now in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Indeed, the issue is not whether U.S. military personnel will accept or tolerate openly gay men and women. That’s a complete red herring. American servicemen and women are extremely kind and tolerant, and they really don’t care if you’re gay. Yet, the Pentagon is purporting to “study” the issue to see what must be done to condition and “sensitize” the troops.

Please. The gay lobby is wrong about many things, but they are right about this: We don’t need any more studies. We simply need an honest discussion and debate about whether it is a good idea to further sexualize the combat arms, and whether this will help or hinder military readiness and combat effectiveness.

At issue is whether it is a good idea to introduce an overt sexual dynamic into a overwhelmingly young and healthy male population — and whether it is a good idea to do this through the force of law and legally sanctioned notions of sexual “equality.”

Given what we know about human sexuality and just how potent and disruptive a force eros is and can be, I would submit that open homosexuality within the ranks is an inherently and manifestly bad idea.

Certainly, the Navy’s experience with women on ships confirms this: It confirms that when eros and sexual yearning are introduced into an overwhelmingly young and healthy male population, they take hold. They spread. They will not be denied.

Will further sexualizing the military culture help promote a military that can fight and win the nation’s wars? I think not. And the burden of proof ought to be on those who suggest otherwise.

For these reasons, the Right needs to become a lot more vocal and articulate on this and other issues. Otherwise, if and when conservatives do gain political power, they will inherit a country and a military that have been radically and irretrievably transformed for the worse.

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