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Dems Kowtow to Other Countries While Scorning Those Who Died For Ours

Posted on May 26 2010 11:38 pm
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by Lori Ziganto at RedState

In the past week, the Obama administration and fellow Democrats have let their true feelings for America known more than ever before. Well, at least more blatantly. They aren’t even bothering to hide it now and have lost all shame. No longer content with merely worshipping at the altar of multiculturalism, they are now going out of their way to boast that they believe that practically any other country is actually superior to America, and that the men and women who have died fighting for our country aren’t worthy of honor and respect.

This has been clear for many years, to those who were paying attention, evidenced by the ever growing cries for some ill-conceived, thinly veiled diversity and tolerance objective, as well as the constant touting of the concept of “citizens of the world”.  Our own Supreme Court started using European laws on which to base their decisions on American law, for goodness sake. Any complaints were met with “You just don’t understand, being philistines and all. Also, shut up. Racists.”

But the current crop of Democrats have taken it to new lows; they are past rock bottom and are now frantically burrowing through the Earth’s crust. Since attaining power, everything they’ve done has been an attempt to fundamentally change our “defective” Constitution and country. They are trying to create a federal government involved in and in control of every aspect of our lives, even the foods we eat. They have attempted and continue to attempt to morally equate America with those who wish to kill us . They have actively tried to weaken our military and are attempting to further their belief that America is not special. We don’t need no stinkin’ Exceptionalism! Only, we do. And we are.

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