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Moronic Comment of the Day: Drug Criminalization is a “Holocaust”

Posted on May 26 2010 9:00 pm
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In Calvin’s original article on libertarianism’s difference from conservatism he pointed out how fairly minor issues like drug legalization, prostitution, and gambling are given way too much attention by libertarian ideologues. He was challenged in the comments of his original post.

But Calvin’s right. Just survey the comments to my follow-up to Calvin’s post. The subject of my post was Libertarian blindness to Islamofascism — by fighting bans on burqas — but many commenters were more interested in my quoting from Calvin’s post and going on insane decriminalization rants:

More than half the US prison population are there for nonviolent drug “crimes.” That’s no minor detail, it’s a Holocaust, and not something to shrug off. Indeed, ending the War on Drugs is not nearly enough; it needs to be followed by a full set of “Nuremberg trials”.

This braindead rhetoric and blindness to today’s true Nazism is pretty familiar isn’t it?

The legalization of drugs is something I agree with libertarians on. But we’re in a war with Islamic Nazis. Sorry but changing the law so that one can buy weed at Wal-Mart is rather low on the list of priorities.

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