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Gates’ Billion Dollar Leftism, Part Two: Geoengineering Global Warming

Posted on May 26 2010 12:00 pm
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Bill Gates has proclaimed, despite the increasing lack of evidence, that global warming is the single greatest threat to humanity. Apparently, no one has tipped him off that the science of global warming is most definitely not settled. One of the most recent projects coming from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, announced this past week, is a $300,000 grant to “whiten” clouds.

This is the idea, as described by Karl Burkart:

Basically a fleet of ships equipped with screens and vacuums pump up millions of gallons of ocean water and using high-powered water canons, introduce the water some 3,000 feet in the air, where clouds are formed. The added moisture content would increase the thickness of the water vapor, making the clouds whiter and thus more reflective. Of course this, as with all other geoengineering solutions, is not without environmental impacts. No one really knows exactly what happens when humans alter the atmosphere in such a way.

Another opinion from a respected cell and molecular biologist:

This type of experimentation is ludicrous. As a molecular and cell biologist, I continue to be amazed at how delicate a thread on which life is hanging. Our cells operate on the balance between dozens of nonlinear signaling pathways. In English, altering the expression level of a single enzyme or other signaling protein by even a few percent could have exponential effects on a downstream pathway. We have only scratched the surface on our understanding of the fragility of life. Furthermore, our current biological knowledge only deals only with the molecular interactions of life, a grave limitation to our ability to wrap our fingers around the life force. Every molecular bond is associated with a quantum energy field. The configuration of this field undoubtedly plays as much a role in our life force as our molecular configuration, and is the aspect which is most likely to be affected by geothermal tweaking. And yet, we haven’t even begun to characterize it because we don’t even know how to measure it! Finally, the subtle effects of “a little tweaking” on our gene pool may not be obvious for centuries. We need to step back, slow down and deal with the simple things that we can control, like preventing the damage to begin with. The biggest danger to life is man’s foolish assumption that we have the ability to master it.

Previously, in 2009, Gates applied for multiple patents in a plan to cool the ocean waters, thereby controlling hurricanes. Of course, any good progressive knows that hurricanes are greatly increased by global warming, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Not only is there no evidence that global warming increases hurricanes, but it is doubtful that this would be feasible anyway. Regarding this project, Kerry Emmanuel, an MIT professor in atmospheric sciences, said:

“The key is doing it a little sooner than the storm itself does it and make [the hurricane] weaker than it would have been,” he said. “There are enough experiments to find out whether hurricanes’ natural cooling could steer the storm in a different location, and the answer is no, or it’s a very small chance.”

While Emanuel believes the physics are conceivable, he says the cost of implementing the system shouldn’t outweigh the benefit. “This would only be practical if the amount [of money] you spend doing this would be less than the damage caused by the hurricane,” Emanuel said.

Even Jim Thomas with the progressive ETC Group had this to say:

Bill Gates and his cloud-wrenching cronies have no right to unilaterally change our seas and skies in this way.

Despite much educated opinion against these methods, Gates continues to pour heart, soul and dollars into these manipulative projects. You have to ask why? Could it be the promise of future riches, like the carbon credit scam? From USA Today:

Five U.S. Patent and Trade Office patent applications, made public on July 9, propose slowing hurricanes by pumping cold, deep-ocean water in their paths from barges. If issued, the patents offer 18 years of legal rights to the idea for Gates and co-inventors, including climate scientist Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Caldeira declined to comment on the patents.

Or is it just an incredibly expensive act of faith?

We must abandon scientific method, and act on faith.
–Al Gore

While progressives like Gates display reverence towards Gaia, they seem to have no problem manipulating Gaia when it suits them. Whether the motives are completely innocent, driven by a “green” agenda or the promise of huge profits, it seems clear that this type of atmospheric manipulation disregards the possible effects on us all, and to call it arrogant is surely an understatement.

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