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Freedom Flotilla’s Goal: Help Hamas attack Israel

Posted on May 26 2010 6:00 pm
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The “Freedom Flotilla’s” quest to run the Israeli blockade at Gaza on Thursday might be gussied up with noble-sounding words and images, but anyone with a nose can tell it’s just another rancid propaganda sausage for the puppy-dogs of anti-Semitic world opinion. I just hope they make them sit up and beg first.

Never mind, that humanitarian goods flow just fine into Gaza over land. That’s not what this is all about. Hamas needs a private mailbox – free of snoopy Israeli inspectors – for the unique brand of “aid” that their terrorist patrons would love to provide.

Nevertheless, while DEBKAfile reports that international pressure on Israel to relent is intense, even threatening; and while the hyper-defensive posture that Israel must maintain to keep the terrorists at bay is trumpeted as proof of their villainy; Israel is still planning a brave attempt to be heard on Thursday.

The Turkish government sent a secret message to Jerusalem Monday, May 24, threatening reprisals if the Israeli Navy prevents the “Freedom Flotilla” of nine boats from reaching the Gaza Strip on May 27 for the avowed objects of breaking Israel’s blockade on the Hamas-ruled territory and delivering humanitarian aid. […]

Israel has imposed a 20-nautical mile closure on the Gaza coast and vowed to prevent the Turkish-led flotilla from entering port. A fleet of private Israeli vessels is on its way from the Herzliya marina to protest its arrival. They are flying banners protesting eight years of Gaza missile fire against Israel and photos of kidnapped soldier Sgt. Gilead Shalit, held for four years. […]

The cargo will be unloaded and, if it contains no materials usable for Hamas’ military effort against Israel, trucked to the Gaza Strip and handed over. Ankara is perfectly aware that Israel does not object to overland deliveries of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Its “Freedom Flotilla” is therefore aimed solely at breaking the blockade thrown up around the terrorist enclave by Israel and Egypt.

Carolyn Glick, who feels that the last leg of the flotilla’s journey from Cypress to Gaza insults the memory of Israel’s struggle for statehood, called the stunt “a jihadist-leftist propaganda assault” on Monday and then went on to document the complex perversion of language and history interwoven into “Freedom Flotilla” narrative.

Over the past generation, the Left has commandeered our language. It has inverted the terminology of human rights, freedom, morality, heroism, democracy and victimization. Its perversion of language has made it nearly impossible for members of democratic, human rights respecting, moral societies to describe the threats they face from their human rights destroying, genocidal, tyrannical enemies. Thanks to the efforts of the international Left, the latter are championed as the victims of those they seek to annihilate. […]

On Thursday Hamas’s maritime enablers from Europe, Turkey and beyond will arrive at our doorstep. The navy will block their entry to Gaza. Israel will be demonized by terror-abettors disguised as human rights activists and journalists worldwide. And the story will pave the way for the next assault on Israel’s right to exist.

This endless circle of demonization and aggression will continue to widen and escalate until our political leaders and our intellectual elite reclaim our language from those on the terror-abetting Left. True, our reclamation of our language will not go unopposed. But if we do not reassert our right to describe objective reality, our inability to explain why we are right and our detractors serve evil will be our undoing.

It’s mind-boggling to watch these Hitler clones boldly snatch the blood-stained garments of resilience, perseverance, and heroism from the backs of Israelis and use them to disguise their own arm-bands and brown shirts – all the better to deceive the ignorant and obscure their own murderous goals.

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