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“Israel Isn’t Worth An American Dollar?” Not the Face of My Tea Party!

Posted on May 26 2010 10:00 am
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Michael Scheuer, a 22 year veteran of the CIA and the former head of the Osama Bin Laden Unit, speaks as an authority on matters of Islamic Jihad and our related foreign policy. Now retired, the analyst maintains a website, on which he offers the following insight:

To the extent that Washington — under both Democrats and Republicans — stops intervening in overseas affairs that are of neither genuine concern to the United States, nor threats to U.S. interests, we will find ourselves in far fewer wars.

Motivated by Washington’s interventionist policies in the Muslim world, that foe declared war on America in August 1996 … we are at war because of what the U.S. government does in the Muslim world — unqualified support for Israel, support for Arab tyrannies, invading Iraq, etc. — and not for who we are and how we live here in North America.

My primary interest, then, in starting this website, is to discuss the almost totally negative impact of Washington’s bipartisan lust to intervene abroad, as well as to talk about how interventionism undermines U.S. security, the nation’s economy, and our country’s social cohesion. I also think it is appropriate to discuss here how far we have strayed from the Founding Fathers’ vision of what America and Americans should be at home and how the republic should conduct itself in the wider world.

In a few short paragraphs, we learn that the only reason that Muslims wage war on America is because of our foreign policy. Why is Islam provoking wars in countries whose foreign policy has virtually no impact on the Muslim world?

In July of 2008, Scheuer joined Adam Kokesh and Ron Paul for the March for Revolution in Washington D.C. He revealed the (yawn) shocking (recycled) motivation for American involvement in foreign wars:

We must return to the Founder’s goal for America, to be the well wisher of freedom and independence for all, but the champion and vindicator only of our own…the greatest danger America faces comes not from China, or Russia, or Global Warming, or Islamic Extremism, but rather it comes from the members of our own bi-partisan governing class.

There is not a nickel’s worth of difference between President Bush and former President Clinton, between Senator McCain and Senator Obama, between Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Giuliani, between any of the forgoing and any of their Israel-first cheerleaders in the Council of Foreign Relations, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the American Israel Political Action Committee.

They are all rank and reckless interventionists bent on involving America in other people’s wars and content to see America by their ego-building, democracy crusading adventures overseas. The greatest danger to America lies in the imperial ambitions of these men and women. They are a mortal threat to the American people.

In September 2007, less than a year before his appearance with Ron Paul in Washington, Michael was interviewed by Bill Maher and made the following statements:

Scheuer: I hope Israel flourishes, but I just don’t think it’s worth another American life or American dollar.

Maher: You don’t think the existence of Israel in the world is worth an American life or an American dollar?

Scheuer: Not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait, or Bolivia.

Maher: You’re not putting Israel on par with Saudi Arabia!

Scheuer: I’m telling you that I’m most interested in the survival of the United States.

Maher: But Israel is a democracy in a part of the world that has none.

Scheuer: So what sir? It doesn’t matter to Americans if anyone ever votes again. We’ll get by just fine sir … it causes America increasing pain and dead soldiers, fighting wars that are not ours to fight…we need to stop intervening in their world except when it’s absolutely necessary.

In the Utopian world of Michael Scheuer and those who embrace his non-interventionist purism, America will live threat free when we cease to support Israel. This foreign policy will put an end to Islamic hostility and we Americans, no longer engaged in foreign entanglements, can all go back to our canoes and fur traps as we paddle through the libertarian wilderness of Undaunted Courage.

There is no Chinese threat, no Russian threat, and no Islamic threat to worry about. These are all constructs of the Prison Planet. And the seven million Israeli citizens who will perish in the second Shoah? The man who received thunderous applause from the March for Revolution made it clear, we will get along just fine without them. Now, I’m not sure … but I think I’ve heard that somewhere else before.

Why does it matter if Michael Scheuer promotes the same vision of Israel that is the basis for Islamic genocidal plans for the Jews?

Because this philosophy resonates with growing crowds. This myth of an Israeli-run U.S. Government is now applauded by educated, enlightened elites. This malicious lie about the disconnect between the fate of Israel and the survival of America barely raises a designer eyebrow at Ivy League cocktail parties. Most importantly, it matters that the credibility of a former CIA Unit Chief is placed in the service of lethal anti-Semitism because his world-view has found conservative Republican bystanders willing to look the other way and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

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