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Dr.Bill Ayers: Terrorist, Distinguished Educator, Comic Strip Hero

Posted on May 25 2010 3:00 pm
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Two recent events brought me to seriously doubt if personal involvement in politics is worth the Mount Everest of laundry that accumulates while I attempt to “change the nation,” by campaigning, making phone calls, and pounding the pavement for the latest “real deal.”

The first “final straw,” was the pathetic betrayal of voters by Scott Brown, the man who paraded himself as “Mr. 41,” and whose election to the “People’s Seat,” was hailed as the sign that the downward plunge of the nation into socialism could be stopped by a good old American election. Mr. 41 became Mr. Cloture and Mr. Bi-Partisan Jobs Bill. His now-famous excuse that government spending is good for his home state revealed him to be a man, not only ready to take his clothes off for money, but also to politically cross-dress, if the price is right.

The second event that shook my faith in voting our way out of catastrophe, which, having survived the McCain nomination is saying something, was my interaction with conservative organizations and politicians who endorsed Dr. Rand Paul for the Kentucky Senate Seat. Confronted with volumes of evidence that Rand Paul’s ideology profoundly contradicts the basis of sound foreign policy and national security, as well as prudent economics – culpable Pollyannic optimism and Machiavellian manipulation were offered by those whose endorsements led to an election that calls into question truly conservative candidates, now obliged to form a collective Professor Higgins and stuff their Liza Doolittle’s mouth with marbles, in a vain attempt to get him to drop the libertarian “cockney,” and speak Ascot Republican.

Obviously, the election of good congressional representatives, presidents and judges, is a duty of every citizen, a duty that, all cynicism aside, is a powerful means to influence the progress or halting of the radical transformation of America. And yet, it cannot be the only means. Looking at the specifically Marxist personalities and tactics that led to the election of the first seriously Leftist Administration, one discovers that the real key to transforming the country is education.

Mr. David Horowitz is obviously of this mind, since he dedicated his last three major works to the topic of the use of the American educational system as a vehicle for the indoctrination of young minds by activist teachers and professors.

The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom, and One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America’s Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy, document this substitution of Leftist principles for solid academic formation.

Radical Leftist education was at the heart of the Chicago “cell,” that militantly promoted the Jarrett-Obama victory. Bill Ayers, one of the leaders of this circle, is less significant for his work as an obnoxious, loud-mouthed street-thug than he is for his influence on the transformation of young minds into Marxists within the cadre of the classroom.

On May 24, 2010, Bill Ayers spoke at Town Hall in Seattle, presenting his latest book, To Teach: The Journey in Comics. Written in comic-strip form, the tract presents Ayers’ vision of teaching, what he calls, “an act of love.” The book sums up the philosophy that gave birth to Ayers’s Small School Movement, founded with Marxist Mike Klonsky. In Three Marxist Amigos, Jeff Dunetz summarizes Front Page Magazine research on the role that Klonsky played in the distillation of Communist principles via the public education system.

Decades ago, Dr. Ayers summarized the goal of education:

“Part of the reason we never fix schools is that they do very well one thing, they sort people out, along class lines, along gender lines, along race lines, and they do that very effectively. In a sense, they are working…What I want the schools to do is not train people to fit in comfortably to hierarchy.”

“I don’t want kids to emerge from schools understanding hierarchy and their place in it. I don’t want them to emerge from schools as obedient little people ready to work McDonald’s…I want kids who emerge who are fully capable of fully participating in a democratic society…who are able to name things that they find useful and name things that they find objectionable and then work on behalf of changing those things.”

“That means that you have to have a different kind of education than one that says, “Here’s the Canon, if you don’t get it, you go to McDonald’s, if you do get it, you go on to graduate school. And that’s a very different kind of idea of education.”

Perhaps campaigning for good political candidates is far less important than working for good teachers and better deans of colleges. Perhaps the local school-board seats are far more important than those on Capitol Hill.

It is time to use Ayers’s own methods against him. The sacrifice and commitment will take years, but we can see from the example of the Obama election that such a tactic will eventually pay off. Ayers, and hundreds of radicals, gave up their first plan to change America by bombing it into Marxism and took a more sophisticated war to the unsupervised battle-ground of the classroom.

We may find it more useful to bring our own conservative, pro-American counter-attack to the Comic Hero’s nearly undisputed playground and leave the diminishing returns on Capitol Hill to those who want to raise bribe money for gigolos and GOP “ideological plastic surgeons” to make-over the friends of 9-11 Truthers.

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