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Quebec fighting sharia? Don’t get your hopes up

Posted on May 23 2010 1:00 pm
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Men in ski masks vs. women in hijabs: what could go wrong?

I’m a big fan of my fellow Canadian NewsReal Blog contributor Christine Williams, not least because it requires considerable fortitude to defy Received Liberal Wisdom™ up here and find work in the media as an openly Christian, conservative visible minority.

However, I don’t quite share her optimism about Quebec’s role as the vanguard of any anti-Sharia movement in Canada.

What do kids these days say about relationships? “It’s complicated.” Indeed, the phrase could have been invented to describe the relationship between Quebec and the Rest of Canada (ROC). (Yes, that’s what it’s actually called.)

Quebec got itself declared “a distinct society” a while back. That and a million other accommodations, big and small, have been agreed to by politicians in the ROC, lest Quebec go back to blowing up mailboxes, murdering the Prime Minister’s school chums, making us declare martial law and singing really bad folk songs separate from Canada.

Now, the average Anglo Canadian has been saying for decades, “If they want to leave, good riddance.” Having “worked” with actual Quebeckers (they are generally averse to doing actual “work”, hence the scare quotes) I’m pretty sure they’d be only slightly more competent than Palestinians at running their own country. So it would at least be amusing to watch them try, and far cheaper than paying to keep ’em in. (At least in a real divorce, you pay the alimony after she leaves…)

Most Anglos also remain as stubbornly unilingual as our parents were when we were officially declared a “bilingual” country against our will. (Note: most Quebeckers haven’t bothered to learn English, either. Taking it to rather an extreme, one of our recent Prime Ministers managed to be illiterate in both official languages. We remain, despite every extremely expensive and exhaustive effort made by the Anglo Establishment, “two solitudes.” Utopian “one world”-ers left and right, do take note…)

(I’ve also refused, on principle, to learn or use metric, but that’s another post.)

Anyway, the majority’s “tell ’em to sod off, then” attitude is considered terribly crude/gauche by our betters. No one who openly expresses that view will get a decent job in government, academia, union leadership or the media. (Which is doubly weird because if you’re a Quebecker who thinks his province should separate — which in a real country would be referred to as “treason” — you get the privilege of helping run the federal government you claim to hate!)

Here’s one example of what we mere plebes have to put up with:

Pakenham is in the municipality of Mississippi Mills, but for Canada Post purposes it falls within the “National Capital Region” and therefore has to have bilingual postmasters, even though it’s a unilingual English village. Mississippi Mills has about 11,000 anglophones and 500 francophones, and, given that the sub-jurisdiction has around 500 folks and operating on the assumption of a population distribution not significantly different from the municipality as a whole, Pakenham would have approx 478 anglos and 22 francophones. The acting postmistress, Jeanne Barr, said the only people who ever came in to buy stamps in French were undercover agents from the linguistic division of Canada Post. “They always do the same thing. They want two stamps,” she told the Ottawa Citizen. Nevertheless, in December Ms. Barr was replaced as postmistress because of insufficient French…

So not a few of us (even those who find ourselves in the unfamiliar position of being on Quebec’s side, on principle) are squirming with pent up delight at the spectacle of the most “accommodated” population in the nation (to the tune of trillions of “transfer payments” our extorted tax dollars from the ROC since the 1960s, mind) refusing to “accommodate” women who want to wear headscarves.

Adding to my pessimism is the fact that Quebec is a hotbed of far-left secularism and anti-Semitism, not to mention chain smoking, bank robberies, french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy, rioting and unforgivable stuff like this. These are the people who invented Cirque du Soleil. Need I say more?

Now, word comes that our one famous Quebec outpost of sanity and rebellion is considering, shall we say, throwing in the turban:

If you’re from Hérouxville, it’s probably best not to admit it. (…)

The town became ground zero of the so-called reasonable accommodation controversy, which has now culminated in legislation that would restrict Muslim headwear in provincial institutions. (…)

Hérouxville gained notoriety three years ago by adopting a controversial code that warned immigrants against behaviour like stoning women and covering their faces.

Other clauses pertain to the equality of the sexes, forbid the covering of faces, and defend the right to drink alcohol, listen to music, and trim a Christmas tree every year.

“When [people] go out of town, they don’t say they’re from here anymore,” Thompson said.

Uh huh. Naturally, Hérouxville’s regrettable backtracking had nothing to do with this:

The Canadian Islamic Congress dispatched a delegation to the town so that councillors could meet actual Muslims.

Just a reminder: the Canadian Islamic Congress were the same outfit that went after Mark Steyn and Canada’s oldest magazine, Maclean’s, for publishing “Islamophic” articles (that consisted mostly of accurate, and unsavory quotes by Muslim leaders themselves) to the tune of a reported $2-million.

So I’m guessing that delegation’s visit went a little like this:

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