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Christopher Hayes Becomes a Cheerleader for SEIU Thuggery

Posted on May 23 2010 9:59 pm
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Christopher Hayes, Washington editor for the far-left Nation magazine, offers a ringing endorsement of the thug tactics used by the Service Employees International Union and National People’s Action against Bank of America executive Gregory Baer.

You’ll recall that on his TV show Glenn Beck did a segment on the hundreds of angry, loud, purple-shirted SEIU members and National People’s Action activists who showed up at Baer’s house in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. They caused a ruckus, scared his family, frightened his neighbors, and used his home as a staging ground in their efforts to embarrass Bank of America and give so-called Wall Street reform legislation a boost.

After perfunctorily stating he was “dispositionally inclined to cringe at actions like this,” Hayes said he “got over that real quick when Trenda Kennedy of Springfield, Illinois, took the bullhorn on Baer’s steps.” He quoted Kennedy saying, “In America, every seven seconds one of our homes goes into foreclosure … My home is one of those!”

So somebody’s misfortune justifies urban terrorist tactics against a bank executive? Apparently that’s what Hayes believes. He might as well grab Al Sharpton‘s bullhorn and start mindlessly chanting, “No justice! No peace!”

Hayes then praises the “Showdown in America,” an anti-capitalism campaign run by NPA, People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO), and SEIU.” In his best MarxistSpeak, Hayes regurgitates the party line about America’s current economic problems: “The campaign aims to dismantle the entire Wall Street-Washington corporatist axis, which gave us the financial crisis, the bailouts and 7 million foreclosures since 2008, a million of which have ended in repossession.”

“It’s about damn time,” Hayes concludes, voicing his approval for the campaign.

Scaring the pants off suburbanites is absolutely necessary in order to generate the upheaval required to bring capitalism to its knees, argues Hayes.

Note that in his profoundly dishonest op-ed Hayes doesn’t assign any blame to government policy for America’s economic problems. There’s no discussion of the Community Reinvestment Act, home mortgage interest deduction, or the Fed’s crazy cheap money interest-rate policy.

To left-wingers like Hayes, the government can do no wrong.

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