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Resigning DOJ Attorney Worried about “Violent,” “Criminal” Black Panthers

Posted on May 22 2010 6:00 pm
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Christian Adams, a key attorney working on the Department of Justice’s voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers, has recently resigned. His primary reason — and what has been emphasized in the resignation coverage — is the controversy Adams and some of his colleagues have been embroiled in after the Department’s dismissal of the case. Was it a miscarriage of justice? No one is really sure at this point (although the video evidence in the case is damning.) But Adams did express that the actions of the DOJ appeared to have left him between a rock and a hard place; in his resignation letter, he seemed nonplussed at what to do. 

Whatever the facts may be in this regard, what has been understated in the case is that a significant portion of Adams’ resignation letter expresses serious concern over the violent, criminal proclivities of the New Black Panther Party and the alarming tenor of their response to the case. Adams claims that the New Black Panthers had been becoming “increasingly belligerent,” issuing disconcerting statements. For instance, the Panthers released a scathing response to the “phony” case which they claimed was brought against them by

the modern day racist lynch mob seeking to hang what [they] think are [their] modern slaves.

Adams followed by saying,

Knowing intimately the criminal character and violent tendencies of the members of the New Black Panther Party, it is my profound hope that these assertions are tempered. 

Adams’ concern is eerily reminiscent of our own editor-in-chief, David Horowitz and his time spent working with the original Black Panthers. It was partly due his experience with the Panthers’ militarism and thuggery which precipitated Horowitz’s sharp turn to the Right. 

Especially ridiculous about the fiery rhetoric from the New Black Panthers in the case of Adams is that, in his resignation letter, Adams makes special mention of his record defending the voting rights of minorities. Why the Panthers are so combative to such a sympathetic Department of Justice, is truly mind-boggling.

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