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‘Machete’ Director Removes Scenes After ‘Race War’ Complaint

Posted on May 22 2010 5:00 pm
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by John Nolte

Harry Knowles at AICN interviewed “Machete” director Robert Rodriguez about the controversy surrounding the director’s “special” Cinco de Mayo message to Arizona after that state passed a new set of (wildly popular) laws meant to protect its borders – laws nowhere near as strict as the Police Statish laws Mexico enforces to keep illegals out of their own country.

Watch below as the film’s protagonist, Machete (The Great Danny Trejo), targets a Southern politician who favors border enforcement (The Formerly Great Robert DeNiro) for assassination on behalf of illegals being “forced out” of the country “at an alarming rate.”

[Video available at Big Hollywood]

Rodriguez’s response to the uproar that followed the release of this trailer?: Just kiddin’! According to him, it’s not the actual movie that’s all about ginning up racial divisions … just the trailer, I guess.

You know, three minutes of race baiting, but thankfully not ninety.

You gotta love the way the Hollywood mind works.

But as with all things Leftist Hollywood, you have to look and read closely. The backlash was obviously unexpected and so Rodriguez poses as the innocent and tries to laugh the whole thing off as a misunderstanding. But buried deep in a rather tortured explanation and disguised as a throwaway is the real story:

Read the rest at Big Hollywood.

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