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The Press Practices “Don’t Ask”, and Obama Practices “Don’t Tell”

Posted on May 21 2010 9:00 am
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I’ve got some news for all those Obama fans out there – the most transparent administration in history ain’t.

Barack Obama has not held a presidential press conference since July 22, 2009, a period of some nine months, and if that weren’t enough, the ironically impaired leader of the free world had the ‘audacity of opacity’ to actually refuse questions after signing the Daniel Pearl Freedom of Press Act into law.

It would be one thing if Obama had never uttered a word about transparency and how transcendently different his presidency was going to be from his predecessors’, particularly that of his immediate predecessor. And it would be another matter if Obama had never raised the specter of a presidency open and bare to the public eye; an administration so pristine that everyone would not only have a chance to see its every move, but would be enthralled by the possibility of witnessing such glorious history in the making.

That is the presidency we were promised, but alas it does not resemble the presidency we received. We were promised someone different, someone post-partisan and transcendent. Instead we got a president who does his deals behind locked doors, who excludes his opposition at every opportunity, and who castigates and ridicules his opposition in the classic Alinsky style he so proudly practices. We were promised a knight in shining armor, but what arrived was a typical Chicago politician riding the same old horse of coercion, deception, lies, and politics as usual (if not worse).

So where are the hue and the uproar from the White House Press Corps (the ‘p’ is silent Mr. President)? Why are they not clamoring for an opportunity to question the President in an unscripted environment?  Why is there not a concerted effort on the part of the White House press to demand answers when so many issues of such import remain largely unexplained?

Normally, going nearly a year without a presidential press conference is not exactly a cause for celebration from the “journalists” covering the president, but somehow it’s alright in the age of Obama. He can have his own press outlet, choose with whom he wishes to do interviews, and castigate any network or journalist with whom he disagrees and his allies pretending to be journalists are perfectly fine with it.

Questions? Obama doesn’t need to answer no stinking questions. We’re all apparently just supposed to accept that he is the most brilliant man in history to hold the office, despite copious evidence to the contrary, and just acquiesce like the useful idiots that the White House Press Corps has become.

I just have one question for you Mr. President:  is anyone allowed to ask you any question – ever – that you don’t want to answer, or are you simply going to practice “don’t tell” and count on the Press to remain complicit with the opaqueness of this administration, and continue to practice “don’t ask”?

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